Transform your practice today with CCH Accelerate

28th Jul 2020
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Happy with extortionate software price increases every year? Does your software truly set your practice up for the future?

If the answer is no, you need to CCH Accelerate your practice today.

Switching software is no small task. That’s why we've created a new hassle-free switching bundle.

Our integrated suite is your one-stop shop for tax and accounting compliance and practice management. Create a future-proof end-to-end tax and accounting system to suit your needs with Wolters Kluwer.

Introducing CCH Accelerate

With our new bundle your practice will be:

  • Set up faster
  • Set up smarter
  • Set up for the future

Switching software is no small task. That’s why we’ve created hassle-free switching with CCH Accelerate.

Take the pain out of switching

We understand the investment you make when changing software. With CCH Accelerate you can switch seamlessly to an integrated suite with Wolters Kluwer. Ormerod Rutter Chartered Accountants says,

We moved from an alternative provider to find a platform that could accommodate our growth, offer us the flexibility and the scalability that the practice demands and allows us to comfortably move with times of change.

So instead of asking what the cost of switching your software is, ask yourself: what is the cost of not switching? Make the most of this newly developed special bundle offer today!

Enquire about the new special bundle offer today.