Travel risk quiz: How can you improve duty of care?

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Regardless of the type or size of your business, duty of care during business trips is a legal requirement. However, there are still a number of issues that escape your control and that could put employees at risk.

Even if you think you are well prepared, you employees could find themselves involved in certain high-risk situations during their business trips, such as natural disasters or world health warnings. How prepared are you to act if situations like these happened? Would you be able to locate your employees or provide them with appropriate support?

Complete our Travel Risk Quiz to see how effectively your business manages duty of care.

Did you get a bad result? Here are some tips to follow:

Assess the risks your employees face

Being aware of the possible risks that your employees face put you in a good position when it comes to mitigate them and keep your employees safe. Start preparing for every eventuality by answering the following questions:

  • Are your employees able to navigate unfamiliar locations and conditions?
  • How might stress and fatigue from travel delays affect them?
  • Can they speak the local language, do they understand the culture?
  • Are they fully aware of health risks and local medical facilities?
  • Do they know who to contact in case of an emergency?

Spot your duty of care gaps

Even if you have a good track record of safety and security, there might be hidden duty of care gaps you won’t spot until it’s too late. These are some of the steps you should follow to avoid leaving gaps:

  • Educate your business travellers on general and specific travel risks
  • Keep track of when an employee was last given travel safety advice
  • Consider high-risk foreign travel, domestic travel and remote working
  • Document your risk management strategy with a dedicated team
  • Regularly test your crisis management plan

Know where your employees are

Connect your duty of care programme to your travel and expense process. This will make it easier to locate and communicate with employees at all times. For instance, a company credit card can give you real-time visibility of travel and expense spend as well as location information. Technology can improve business travel visibility to help you track and communicate with your employees whenever and wherever needed.

Prepare for the new norm

With the rise of technology, employees now have the possibility to book their own trips and choosing where to stay in their destination. If your company is not prepared to capture these new forms of employee spend and control what is happening, now is the time to prepare for the future.

This is just the start. For more duty of care advice, call Concur on 01628 645100.