Travelex. Who'd have thought?! How secure are your systems? Risk assess, then consider the best in 2020.

10th Jan 2020
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Keep confidential financial data safe

Data breaches are in the news again … the extent of the impact of the Travelex hack seems to widen and deepen every day. Small firms and big institutions alike can be badly hurt by hackers, negligence or unintentional data disclosures.

At the same time, finance professionals have to navigate a heavily regulated environment and comply with data protection standards. GDPR imposes strict requirements for managing data. Plus, clients are demanding increasing levels of security, but historical ways of sharing files over email, or accessing documents via FTP and VPN all carry security risks.

Build in the best defences for systems and staff

Document management with Document Logistix has built-in daily product security testing, encryption and access logs to guard against external and internal threats or errors.

One of the keys to the success of Document Logistix’ flagship product, Document Manager, is its hidden strengths. Security: businesses can safeguard thousands, even millions of customer records held in its business knowing that the software’s defences are stringently tested and up to date. Automated workflow: customers can embed best practice into their business procedures to ensure that staff follow policy, which reduces error and spotlights abuse.

Where’s that missing file?                                                                                                          

A lost manila folder or a missing briefcase are still causes for loss of sleep!

Digitisation is one of today’s strategic business drivers, to achieve business efficiency, improve customer services, and, in finance, perhaps top of the list, to demonstrate the security credentials of your business

How do you demonstrate GDPR best practice?

The correct capture, storage, dissemination and, ultimately, timely destruction of data are the foundations of GDPR compliance. With redaction, permission-based access, access and audit trails, through to planned data deletion, Document Manager is built to help you stay GDPR compliant.

Test a new product for peace of mind in 2020

Document Manager is a 360-degree system (from data capture, through data management to data destruction), and is a multi-award winning product recognised in categories such as Workflow and Computing Security. In November 2019 Document Manager won Document Management Product of the Year.

You simply can’t afford to take security for granted, do some risk assessment on your current systems. And look into a solution that your staff will thank you for, which will certainly improve the efficiency and profits of your business.

Work from anywhere – securely

Access, review, edit and approve files on your laptop or smartphone anywhere.

Bullet-proof protection for your financial documents and records

Document Manager uniquely enables managers to review and change workflow dynamically. Usually, workflow reviews and new implementations are complex and time-consuming. With Document Manager workflow changes are a drag and drop function that can be implemented or rolled-back in minutes.

With dynamic workflow design managers can improve processes and respond quickly to changes in conditions or legislation.

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