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Turn your post-it notes into processes

12th May 2021
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It is a truth universally acknowledged that those accountants who take the time to map out their processes run a happy practice. Just because you know how your practice works, how clients are onboarded, and where you put that file, it doesn’t necessarily follow that everyone else in your firm does. And what about your clients? Do they know what’s expected of them and associated deadlines? 

There are a lot of benefits of mapping your processes. Ahead of our ‘Mapping your processes‘ webinar on Wednesday 19 May - here’s some advice on how to get started, and how to turn your post-it notes into watertight processes. Or you can skip straight to register for the webinar here

Accountants using process mapping

We spoke with Steve Case, CEO of Finance Box Ltd, self-styled ‘Bean-counting superheroes’. Steve’s a Senta client who has detailed the way his practice works and used that info to build processes which make the practice run better. It’s made a massive difference to the effectiveness of his team. And their clients are happy too - because they know exactly what’s expected of them and when. Here’s some of his advice.


Start off right

As with all these things, getting started is the hardest part. Steve recommends that you try and think outside your own remit. “When you have the start and end points - think again. There’s always a step before that start point. Keep going until there’s a step outside of your control. Similarly, with the endpoints - is that really where you end this process? Is there a follow-up, a reminder, a completion email step?”


Post-it note by post-it note

Steve has gone on to build each post-it note step into Senta. For those of you who don’t use Senta, we’ve set it up so it’s completely customisable for the needs of your practice. You can create workflows and automate emails that help you manage client work as it moves through your practice. By automating the small admin jobs, your time is freed up so you can concentrate on keeping your clients happy, your team motivated and your coffee cup completely full. Priorities everyone, priorities. 


Take your team on the ride

Team buy-in is essential to success. Steve recommends involving your team as you build your process so you’re not dictating to them how things are done, and you’re listening to those who are really involved with the client work.  A degree of empathy is required too, as you need to put yourself in the shoes of your client. So do you have a friendly client you could call on to talk about how they see the process or even get some feedback on proposed changes? All feedback is important.


What accountants are telling us

What our clients are telling us is that their processes are a key part of who they are, it’s part of their brand. Having processes clearly mapped out also helps with everyone’s peace of mind. Steve Case agrees “From a business owner perspective, I have peace of mind that all my clients are receiving exactly what they've been sold and the same high level of service. It protects us - and makes the teams’ lives easier. If someone’s on holiday or away from work, the rest of the team can see exactly what needs to be done, how and when.”


Join us for the webinar on Wednesday 19 May at 3pm for more step-by-step advice on how to get started with process mapping. 

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