Twinfield Invoicing reinvents online Accounting

Brought to you by Twinfield

Twinfield, the online accounting business of global information provider Wolters Kluwer, and the European market leader in the area of online accounting, today announces ‘Invoicing’ – a complete new module through which SME business owners can conduct their sales invoicing and administration themselves, simply and easily. The new module renders the error-prone and labour-intensive retyping of invoices by the accountant redundant.

The new ‘Invoicing’ module fits seamlessly within Twinfield’s vision, focused on automating the accounting process as much as possible. Twinfield affirms that within the next few years, all SME business owners should be able to run their business based upon actual, real-time figures, from anywhere and at any time.

“Accounting processes are increasingly being automated, changing the way in which business owners and accountants can work together,” says André Kwakernaat, founder and CEO, Twinfield. “The role of the accountant is increasingly one of auditor and advisor. In just a matter of years, simple bookkeeping tasks will barely exist, as systems and data become seamlessly connected. The SME business owner needs to gain direct insight into his own figures himself, and make adjustments or take action whenever that might be needed.”