Uku pro package free until September 2020, plus free personal online training

7th Apr 2020
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Providing support. Easing the impact

Free accounting practice management software

Accountancy businesses in the UK have been affected by COVID-19. Whether we like it or not, it directly or indirectly affects everyone. The question is - how bad will it be? 

To help ease the impact of these recent events on businesses, Uku is offering our task and time management software PRO package free until September 2020.

PRO package, free for 5 months


Uku supports you during the crisis.

We all know that the preferred way of working is through direct communication and personal collaboration. The next alternative is supporting your customers and team from your home office.

By using the right digital solutions like Uku, you maintain a productive and transparent work environment no matter where you or your team are located.

Uku enables you to keep track of your accounting work, offering a complete set to increase productivity both from the home office and in the office.

Running your practice from home.

Uku is hosted in the cloud, meaning no matter where you are located, in an office or self-isolating at home, Uku is there for you.

With Uku, your workflows are efficiently organised, so automatically you have minimised errors and boosted your overall efficiency. 

As a business owner, you can now make faster, better informed and smarter decisions with your team working together more productively and flexibly.

PLUS, the remote consultants at Uku are on the phone to support you with FREE personal online training that includes:

  • helping you to create efficient work processes
  • training your team to use Uku quickly
  • supporting you with set up and using Uku

A quick overview of Uku:

As the no 1. Tool for accounting practices and finance teams, users get free for 5 months:

  • Task management - With Uku, you know precisely what your team is or isn’t working on. A real-time overview of all planned, completed and overdue tasks are at your fingertips. 100% guaranteed customer service even when your team is working remotely.
  • Time management - Plan better resource allocation for you and your team. Get an accurate overview of employees' time spent on different clients and tasks, easily identifying bottlenecks and improving work processes.
  • Effective teamwork - A single click helps you delegate tasks between team members and collaborate more efficiently. The job appears on the correct person’s dashboard, and you can easily monitor its completion.
  • Time tracking - Accounting practice managers obtain a clear overview of everyone’s workload. By tracking your time, you know precisely how much work you can take on board or ask others to complete.
  • Powerful reporting - Uku is your extra pair of eyes helping you foster a healthy work-life balance, needed during these current times. Run through reports within seconds and gain back full visibility of all your clients, employees and tasks.

Uku is designed for making life’s little stresses bearable. 

Over the coming months, we’ll be helping accountants across the UK by working to simplify accounting workflows payments and helping more of them sell their services online.

Uku. Here for you.

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