Up your Payroll Game with an Online Client Portal

18th Mar 2021
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As an accountant, you may already use BrightPay to process your payroll. You may like it for its user-friendly interface, its functionality and how it enables you to complete the payroll run quicker than ever before. Processing payroll, and processing it correctly and on time, is of course crucial to the smooth running of your business.  

However, as it can sometimes be wrongly seen as a straightforward task, payroll processing services are often undervalued. Payroll services are sometimes regarded as a loss leader by accountants or an area that makes them little profit. Because of this, some accountants may not offer payroll as a service or may choose to outsource it. BrightPay has changed that line of thought through simplifying payroll processing, all the while being innovative; guaranteeing healthy profit margins for your business. 

The digitalization of HR Management may not be something that is on your radar and it most likey isn't something that you ever thought could be used to increase your profitability. However, due to COVID-19 and remote working, HR departments and employers are increasingly looking for more convenient ways to communicate and collaborate with staff. BrightPay Connect is a cloud-based add-on to your BrightPay payroll software.  

BrightPay Connect provides a web/mobile-based platform where bureaus, employers and employees can access payroll data. Cloud capabilities allow you to process payroll quicker and easier than ever before. Offering  BrightPay Connect to clients can be a great opportunity to expand your payroll services while increasing profits. For employers, BrightPay Connect can help you manage your staff while boosting employee morale.  

BrightPay Connect

Secure Cloud Back-up 

One of BrightPay Connect’s main attractions is its automatic cloud backup feature. You never have to worry about losing payroll information or manually backing up data again as it is automatically backed up every fifteen minutes, securely saving your data online. 

Communicate with clients and get the payroll entered with minimal effort 

BrightPay Connect gives you a central cloud location where you can access all the tools you need for communicating with your clients to get their payroll entered. Through BrightPay Connect’s online portal, the client can make changes to the pay period such as making any additions or deduction to their employees’ pay, adding a new starter or pass on any further instructions they may have. Once you have reviewed the information entered by the client, any changes flow down to your payroll software on your desktop. Communicating with clients this way eliminates the need to send multiple emails back and forth, which can become extremely time consuming and inefficient.  

Streamline annual leave requests with the employee mobile app 

Employees can access BrightPay Connect’s self-service portal through the employee app on their phone or tablet, or online - on their computer. This gives employees the ability to request annual leave at any time, wherever they may be. Once the employer has approved the leave, this will then automatically be added to the payroll  calendar in BrightPay on your desktop. Employees really value the employee app as it makes life easier and gives them a sense of control, which in turn helps them feel less stressed and more organised. 

Cut down on HR admin 

Clients can view payroll reports, employee payslips and amounts due to HMRC through the online employer dashboard. For bureaus, this means less time spent dealing with requests from clients for such information. Through the employee dashboard, employees can access HR documents added by their employer as well as any past payslips. From here, employees can also view their personal details which are held by their employer. If any of these details have changed, the employee can request to make any updates. Being able to view all payslips through the app is of benefit to both employees and employers. Using BrightPay Connect to distribute payslips ensures GDPR compliance for the employer while  also cutting down on HR admin, for example, employees no longer need to ask for copies of their past payslips when applying for a loan or mortgage.

Pricing for profit 

BrightPay Connect’s many features help to streamline the payroll process for bureaus and employers. while saving time by automating tasks can of course save you money, it is BrightPay Connect's pricing structure that holds the key to increasing profits. A bureau will be charged per employee who uses BrightPay Connect. This means you will be charged the same amount if you have ten clients with one employee each compared to if you have one client with ten employees.  

The more employees that use BrightPay Connect, the lower the cost per employee. For example, if there are five or less employees you pay £0.42 per employee per month, but this goes all the way down to £0.10 per employee if there are 5000 employees or more. For more information, try out our BrightPay Connect pricing calculator or read our helpful guide on how to price BrightPay Connect for your payroll clients

If you would like to learn more about how you can expand your payroll services and improve your payroll processing workflows, book a free BrightPay Connect Demo today. 


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