Use HMRC's PAYE Datafeeds this January - Don't Miss Out!

Brought to you by Gbooks

HMRC's pre-populations datafeeds for PAYE have been available via the Gbooks personal tax module since April of last year. The API feeds allow subscribers to view the PAYE records held by HMRC for each taxpayer and import them into a client's tax return - instantly - with a click of a button.

So how is this new service going?

The data feeds are proving to be popular with our subscribers and with other accountants who can access them. By the end of November HMRC was receiving 10,000 API requests per day, and live data was available for around 60% of taxpayers.

We believe these API feeds will continue to improve, and additional types of data will be available over time. This will save accountants precious time now and in the future, particularly at peak filing times. This is why we added the feeds into our system at the earliest possible opportunity to make sure they're in place now when you need them.

These datafeeds are being rolled out gradually and won't be available to many software providers until after the filing deadline has passed. So don't miss out!

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