Using Corporation Tax Solution Integral to handle losses

11th Sep 2019
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Our support team often receives calls asking for help with the Losses functions in CT Solution Integral, which is why we have produced two new videos to help you make the most of their BTCSoftware Solution.

How to carry losses back to an earlier period in CT Solution Integral

To record losses against an earlier period using CT Solution Integral, first check the loss recorded in the Adjustments of Profit Computation screen.

From this screen you can copy the loss, then move into the Corporation Tax Calculation screen. Add the Current Period amount into the Carried Back to Earlier Period field, which will clear the Carried Forward Losses. You can then record the amount in the Trading Losses in the previous year return.

How to enter brought forward losses in CT Solution Integral

The Profit Per Account is shown at the top of the Adjustments of Profits Computation page. Select Corporation Tax Calculation from the menu, then add the brought forward losses from the previous year into Adjusted Trading Losses.

Scroll back up to the Corporation Tax Calculation to enter the Trading Losses for pre- and post-April. This will reduce the Profits Chargeable to Corporation Tax figure and update the Losses Memorandum with the losses used in this computation.

Why Choose CT Solution Integral?

Our software is designed to help accountants, both in practice and industry, deal with accounting requirements with the minimum effort.

CT Solution has been designed to enable easy submissions of CT600, with iXBRL computations and submission to HMRC when used in conjunction with AP Solution.

It is part of our award-winning Practice Management software, which allows seamless integration with other BTCSoftware Solutions. CT Solution is simple to use with a single worksheet and client data population from PM Solution, allowing more effective tax compliance and accounting.

To talk to one of our team and book a demo of BTCSoftware Solutions including CT Solution, call us on 0345 241 5030 or email [email protected]