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KeyPay is an entirely cloud-based and automated app that eliminates the pain points associated with...
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Valentine’s Day with KeyPay: Why you’ll fall in love with our payroll software

14th Feb 2023
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KeyPay is an entirely cloud-based and automated app that eliminates the pain points associated with...
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Why you’ll fall in love with our payroll software | KeyPay | Red roses on a gift box

Roses are red, violets are blue. Confused about payroll? KeyPay can handle everything for you!

Poems aside, we’re passionate advocates for our platform. Not to toot our own horn - but automated payroll, streamlined employee management, and customised flexibility to integrate with your existing accounting and HR software all from within a single platform? What more could you ask for?

If your current payroll solution isn’t saving you time or money (and is only adding stress for you and your staff), it may be time to consider making the switch to a more comprehensive platform. 

With 14th February being Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating this (slightly cheesy) day of love with a twist - by giving you a few reasons as to why KeyPay is the best option for you and your team.

Manual tasks can be automated

One of the best ways to cut-down time spent on payroll processing is to automate as many manual processes and repetitive tasks as possible. By automating tasks like manual data entry, calculating employee hours, checking leave requests and distributing pay slips, you can save hours, if not days, from the payroll process.

The easiest way to start automating payroll is to use a payroll management system that offers automation features like integrated timesheets, tax and leave calculations, and customisable notifications. A good payroll provider will have a robust and sophisticated system that can automate many of the tasks involved in payroll to not only save time, but reduce the chances of errors being made.

A payroll system that is cloud based is also key to maximising efficiencies so that you can securely access data 24/7 without being restricted to your desk. 

Beyond payroll software, automating manual tasks like email management, appointment scheduling, client invoicing and customer relationship management will also help to ensure your processes are streamlined so that you can avoid payroll errors and delays when it comes to payday.

It’s end-to-end

Where consolidated systems aren't possible, consider integration! An online payroll system that integrates with existing apps, like an accounting system will, again, reduce the time spent importing and exporting files, or manually transferring data. 

The best cloud solutions will work to deliver integrations that help to improve the end-to-end services for their users. When your clients are looking for software for a specific function like payroll, they are most likely already using a number of applications that should be considered for compatibility. 

By using a payroll solution that helps you or your clients to consolidate some of the existing systems in place, you can cut down on the time spent toggling between systems and reduce manual data entry between them - not to mention cut costs and deliver more value! 

Systems that consolidate time & attendance with payroll operations are a great place to start to ensure payroll data flows through seamlessly without having to jump in and spend time processing employee hours.

It’s compliant 

With multiple laws and rules, changing requirements and important payroll dates; a lot of the time associated with running payroll is down to ensuring clients are adhering to compliance and HMRC requirements. The smallest mistakes can cause more serious mistakes and can put an organisation at risk for a fine or legal battle. 

Using a payroll management system that helps to automate compliance and that easily applies updates, will reduce the significant amount of time spent double and triple checking the pay run!

A payroll solution should complement the existing technologies within a business, make sharing data between systems easier, and never make processes more clunky or prone to error. 

Important tasks can be easily tracked

Organisation is crucial to increasing payroll productivity. If you’re managing payroll for multiple clients, you might have a number of tasks happening at once and prioritising them might get difficult. You might miss an important note and have to spend time going back over details to fix errors or maybe new employees haven’t been captured in the latest pay run. 

Some payroll systems will include dashboard notifications and alerts to make tracking and managing deadlines easier. Creating a payroll calendar with important dates and reminders for your team and clients will also improve payroll efficiency - you’ll find a lot more time in your day by ticking things off once ahead of time, and not having to come back to it in a panic.

You can empower employees

Onboarding can be a painstakingly difficult process. Sometimes there’s back and forth between parties for weeks just to get employees onboarded, and once they’re set up - the fortnightly or monthly management tasks continue, depending on a business’ pay cycle. 

Consider last-minute expense claims, chasing employees for timesheets not submitted, and new employees to be included in a pay run - communication can very quickly become chaotic and inefficient. A key way to ensure employee onboarding and management doesn’t slow down the pay run is to offer an employee self-service portal that seamlessly integrates with payroll. 

A self-service portal allows employees to manage their own personal data, such as their address or bank account details. They can view their payslips and request leave, all without having to contact the payroll department, freeing up your time to focus on more complex tasks - it’s also a win for a clients’ HR team! 

Some employee portals also have the flexibility to customise notifications so that the relevant people can be notified about those important things, like an employee changing their bank details, that can equal a major payroll headache! 


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