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Want To Create More Content For Your Accountancy Practice? Get Your Team Involved

19th Apr 2019
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“Rudi, I’m having problems getting started with marketing. Content marketing in particular. What’s the best way to get content written?”

One of my clients recently said this during a quarterly boardroom meeting as part of an interesting hot seat session.

There were some mixed responses around the room from the other members of my mastermind group.

“We keep ours in-house”

“I outsource my content creation to a freelancer”

“We work with Karen and the team at Profitable Firm” [Profitable Firm are a creative agency specifically for accountants

 Then, one of my other clients shared how she creates content for her marketing…

…she asks her team to do it.

She explained that she gives them guidance on what topics or themes she wants them to write about and told us that she tasks them to do a minimum of one every month per employee.

This sounded like a really fantastic idea to me (and to the others in the meeting!).

So let’s look at why this is a good way to get content created for marketing?

It gets the whole team involved

Instead of leaving the marketing to one person or outsourcing it, it means every member of the team is involved and so more perspectives can be covered. The people in your team are the ones who are dealing with clients every day, so they likely have answers to questions and know things that people really want to be informed about.

There’s no reliance on one person 

Another benefit of using your whole team for content marketing is that you don’t need to worry about having only one source for your content. That means if someone is on holiday or off sick, it doesn’t mean your entire marketing game comes crashing to a halt.

There’s less pressure on the practice owner to do it all

Often marketing can be left to the practice owner but by getting everyone involved in content marketing takes the pressure off of just one person. Delegation is one of the keys to a successful practice after all!

Potential savings cost 

By having members of your team create the content for your marketing, you’ll be saving costs. Outsourcing content marketing or hiring additional people to do this will cost money (although it should definitely be seen as an investment)

When writing, remember you want to be creating content that isn’t overly technical.

Instead, you want to be creating content that is easy to digest, and based around specific keywords that your target market are searching for.

Things like, “7 Unusual Ways to Keep Good Records in Your Business” are perfect. That particular headline targets keywords such as record keeping and is a subject that many people would be searching for in order to find your article.

Obviously, all content that’s created has to be part of an overall strategy. There’s no point having your team members write about topics or themes that doesn’t fit in with your general strategy and in fact it could be counterproductive.

That’s why you need to be very clear with your team what topics and themes you want covered in your marketing and ensure that these topics are stuck to.

It’s also important to remember that blogging by itself won’t win you clients. But, blogging as part of an overall marketing strategy can definitely help you to win clients.

Blogging offers another touchpoint between you and your clients (or potential clients) and is a way you can provide them with helpful and interesting information.

Creating content for your blog that is useful to people is an ideal way to show you’re an authority within the industry and you are a trusted source of information.

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