Ways Tech Can Transform your Practice Through Automation

8th Oct 2019
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Developments in technology are beginning to change the way we work. Integrating your accounting system with useful technology such as optical character recognition (OCR), CRM software, expense management tools and management information systems can significantly streamline business processes and bring efficiencies that will improve life for everyone.

By bringing together different software functions and uniting them in one centralised system, you can automate more processes, become more joined-up in your approach to business and adopt an informed business strategy that will aid growth.


Allowing once-separate processes, such as customer data entry and expense management tasks, to take place side by side is revolutionising business practices. Integrated software systems can save valuable staff time, simplify the tasks that still fall to human workers, and lead to more accurate, real-time snapshots of the business as a whole.

Cloud accounting software like AccountsIQ are naturally suited to integrate with other software. With an open API that makes partnerships easy to forge, we have a number of integration partners such as Salesforce CRM, iSAMS, TransferMate Global Payments, AutoEntry, Kefron AP, iCompleat, Fourth, Concur expense management software, and many more. With all your systems integrated together, you can experience a truly efficient and streamlined business that can fully focus its resources on making great decisions to move forward and grow.


The potential benefits of new technology can be illustrated neatly with the work AccountsIQ has done with practices such as French Duncan. The company, which produces regular reports for its clients based on the unique needs of the hospitality industry, integrated an automated data system (AutoEntry) with its AccountsIQ software.

The result? An immediate saving of a phenomenal 500 hours a month, which would previously have been spent on data entry tasks. Of course, in addition to freeing up staff resources, automated data entry also improves accuracy by eliminating the chance of human error.

We process between 3,000 and 4,000 client invoices per month using AutoEntry integrated with AccountsIQ, freeing up the time of two of our members of staff. Because the system is so simple to use, we are able to bring in entry level staff to operate this process. 

It is a safe and affordable means for us to offer apprenticeships. It gives those junior members of the team a comprehensive understanding of how accounting processes work and allows them to progress really quickly.   It considerably reduces the risk of human error, relieves tedium and saves time which, ultimately, we will be able to reflect in our time charges to clients. Ian Bremner, Director of Hotel Accounting, French Duncan

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To see the possibilities that software integration represents, book a demo, contact us on 0203 598 7350 or email [email protected] to see how your practice could be transformed with AccountsIQ.


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