WCS claim R&D Tax Relief with Myriad Associates

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                                 Worldwide Chain Stores

For over 40 years, WCS has provided global customers with innovative retail and supply chain solutions, ranging from warehousing, yard management and mobility solutions to merchandise management, buying, and in-store systems.

Their flagship product, CSnx, is a next-generation supply chain management platform that is flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use, while providing the capability to automate, diagnose, and seamlessly manage the supply chain from the procurement of inventory through to the management of the warehouse. WCS has a number of global customers across a range of industries including grocery wholesale, DIY, and pharmaceuticals. For the past five years, Joshila Makan has been CEO of WCS. During her tenure, the company has focused on developing the CSnx platform on a distributed, open architecture that could support the current needs of global organisations and also meet their future needs through technology such as BYOD, the Internet of Things, and drones.

Understanding R&D Tax Relief with Myriad Associates

The company’s journey with Myriad Associates started when Joshila saw information on LinkedIn about a government grant for innovation in technology, which had been posted by Myriad. After further investigation of the grant and Myriad, Joshila determined that, while it was not the right time to apply for the grant, the CSnx project would likely qualify for R&D tax relief. She contacted Myriad Associates to see if the project would meet HMRC’s criteria.

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