Webinar: Identifying eligible clients for R&D tax relief

17th Aug 2020
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Identifying eligible clients is the first step towards running a successful in-house R&D service. Learn how to spot innovation within your client base and across some of the most unlikely sectors in the UK. 

    Tune in to our webinar at 12.30pm on Thursday 20th August where we'll be discussing eligibility, with R&D experts Richard Edwards and Jen Badger from WhisperClaims. Ideal for accountants and consultants looking grow their R&D service. 

    webinar from whisperclaims on eligible clients for R&D tax relief

    We'll be discussing

    Running an in-house R&D tax service helps you move away from risky outsourcing strategies, win new business and drive growth for your practice. Our webinar will be looking at how to spot innovation across your client base including:

    • Dealing with borderline cases: Innovation happens where you least expect it. We’ll be testing your knowledge on real borderline cases.
    • Exploring sector based examples: Take a deeper dive into the more unusual sectors you might come across within your client portfolio.
    • Why tax relief isn't just for white lab coats: We'll be de-dunking myths and common mis-conceptions about the scheme.
    • Knowing when not to claim: Look at some real life examples and why they might be rejected by HMRC.

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    About WhisperClaims

    WhisperClaims provides R&D tax software and consultancy to accountants and consultants across the UK. Our software has helped to deliver over 650 claims in excess of £17.5m tax benefit to SMEs since September 2018. We've enabled over 200 accountants and consultants to open up a new service and start earning revenue through R&D tax consultancy.