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Webinar - Where are we now with MTD?

29th Oct 2021
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Where are we now with MTD - Webinar

Uncover the latest on MTD

There was more in the recent announcement than a year-long delay – and it’s not what you expect!

Join us for a dive into what else the government have announced.

Expert insights

In this interactive webinar TaxCalc’s MTD expert Dean Shepherd will detail:

  • How HMRC snuck in basis period reform before the official consultation was closed

  • A new concept for MTD: The calendar year basis

  • The 2-year rule and the 3-year rule: Explained

  • Real-time record-keeping? Not quite

  • Errors and omissions: Are we still in the dark?

  • Cash or accruals: You need to know (in advance)

  • HMRC's new penalty regime for MTD for VAT and ITSA

  • Revised key dates and the actions you’ll need to take in 2022

  • The £10k threshold and when clients can exit MTD

Webinar Presenters

Join us on Wednesday 3 November at 2.30PM and we’ll arm you with all you need to know.

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