Welcoming Alexandra Pilet

Brought to you by Capitalise

So Miss Alexandra Pilet. Welcome to the team. Is that an accent we detect??

Yes, I’m half Swiss, half Canadian - I grew up in Switzerland and studied in the UK.

Swiss ay, how aboot that.. Where were you working before?

Primarily, financial services including private banking in Switzerland and UK. I then joined a logistics tech startup and the combination of both got me interested in fintech.

So, what attracted you to Capitalise?

I really like the fact that Capitalise acts in the interests of the SME to allow them to compare and access different products. This then has the effect of making the lending market more competitive and allows the providers with the best in class products to thrive.

Okay... do you get to see quite a different businesses then?

Yeah, the diversity is great we see things from a commercial mortgage to VAT funding to a term loan with a bank.  I like being able to solving a problem for the client rather than pushing a product.

Good answer. 10 points.

Lightning round: You will be judged.

Morning coffee? Cappuccino. Every morning. Cannot start my day without it.

Heels or sneakers? Sneakers or flat shoes!

Favourite food? Cheese and lebanese food.

Favourite colleague? Will.

Because he is very knowledgeable and always happy to help even when he is away on holiday. He answers all my questions and helps me practice my presentation skills by doing role plays.

Who are you most scared of and why? Paul because he is such an expert.

Well we are getting some clear winners here Paul and Will up for most feared and favourite colleague, respectively.