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We’ve Crossed the Border: Pandle Goes Global!

18th Jan 2019
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We’ve had this one on the cards for a while now, so we’re thrilled to finally be announcing that Pandle has gone global.

Pandle has already helped over 20,000 UK users become brilliant bookkeepers, but now we’re extending this across the globe.

We always wanted our software to cross borders, to help businesses and accountants, no matter where they’re based.

How will it work?

Previously, only UK-based users could open a Pandle account and use the software.

With Pandle Global, businesses can now create a Pandle account from wherever in the world they are. These accounts can work with any base currency, so that won’t be a problem for international users.

Sales tax

Pandle users will be able to choose from a selection of default tax codes that fit their country-specific needs. We can cover EU VAT, GST, IVA and many more. However, if users want to set their own tax codes, they can do so.

Users will also need to select whether they will use invoice-based or cash-based accounting in order to accurately calculate their sales tax.

Pandle will then work to produce reports and returns that can be exported into either PDFs or XLS format. Users will then be able to submit them to the tax system in their country.

What we’ve got in store for the future

Eventually, when we get a better idea of demand from each country, we will build a more tailor-made version for each country.

This will include the ability to submit records directly to each country’s relevant tax authorities. We’ll also ensure that Pandle supports a variety of international language translations in the future.


To make Pandle’s global account easier to access worldwide, we have also relaunched our website on, migrating over from the site.

Our global users will see the .com site, but our UK users will be redirected to the new UK domain:

Would you like to be part of our plans?

We’re always looking to expand our list of Pandle partners, both in the UK and now internationally. With Pandle Partnering, you can use our software to manage your clients’ accounts with ease and to switch seamlessly between them.  

Don’t want to operate under the Pandle name? Fair enough, why not operate under your own name instead?

With our Brandle account, you get all the benefits of Pandle but with the added benefit of having it all branded as your own accountancy firm.

You can swap Pandle for your own logo, our copy with yours, choose your own colour scheme and even have it all hosted on your own domain.

This can boost your brand, website traffic and make you more competitive when approaching prospective clients. You’ve even got the option to charge clients to use the software if you wish, opening up an extra source of revenue.

In other words, you get all the benefits of having your own software, without the hassle and expense of developing it yourself.

Interested in learning more? You can start by following this link. Simply tell us a bit about your needs and we’ll present you with the best partnering solution for your firm.

Alternatively, if you’d like to chat to one of our friendly advisors, you can use our live chat feature.