What can you do about your competitor’s websites?

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PracticeWEB's Senior Client Adviser, Chris Arnold, explains how best to deal with your competitors websites.
No, I wouldn’t advise employing a hacker to ‘break into’ their website and deface it, as satisfying for you as that idea may be, that route can’t end well.
What you can do though, is ensure your website is better.
Firstly, you know who your competitors are, but do you know their website?  Do you know how they are using one of the most powerful tools in their marketing arsenal (yes the website), what they are saying and what messages they are communicating, and ultimately how does it compare to yours?
Secondly, don’t fall into the trap of trying to imitate them and choosing a ‘safe’ path. Copying your competitors just won’t get you noticed, and you will just be part of the herd.  You need your website to be better. You need to offer more value and you need to show it quickly and easily to the website visitors. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just make your ‘wheel’ have better grip and last much longer, and really make sure users of the website can quickly see this is the case.  I.e. explain clearly and quickly what they get if they become a client of yours.  Get in touch with our copywriters if you want us to help you get this message across.
Thirdly, don’t resort to gimmicks and novelties to set you apart, these can often backfire.  Keep everything you offer clear and easily accessible on the website so prospective clients can see your breadth of service and value that you offer from any page. If you run seminars or events or have a blog, put it on the homepage and throughout the website on relevant pages. It carries a fair bit of weight and shows proactivity and also a high level of service if you can comment on the industry and run seminars for your clients.
It’s always easy to pick apart someone else work / website, so have a look at the competition and see what they do badly that can be played up to make yours better.  And likewise, have a third party give you some constructive feedback on your website and the words used. Does it stand out, is it easy to use, does it portray your firm correctly?
If you would like some support on the above about how to maximise your return on investment, or would like to explore and develop some ideas, feel free to get in touch with me on the details below:
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