What is a data dashboard?

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Generally speaking, a dashboard is a special control panel that can have several applications. For instance, you can find it in a car, where it shows the driver all the info required while using the vehicle. A data dashboard is similar, a tool that gives you the information you need to help you manage your business.

A dashboard can help you make better decisions for your business or startup, providing you with visualisations, business metrics and KPIs all in one place so you know how to manage your business.

A data dashboard is a one-page overview of your business that’s accessible from multiple devices. It provides you with interactive visualisations of your business data in a single page and with real-time progress report of your business KPIs, data and activities.

How it works

A data dashboard allows you to keep track of all your KPIs and other key metrics without any data entry. You just need to connect your favourite cloud-based apps to your data dashboards to start having a visual representation of your business.

When you connect the apps you are already using, your dashboard starts displaying graphs and lists. We call these visualisations “widgets,” and they are customisable and interactive. You can also arrange your widgets in the order that makes sense to you, so you can compare your vital metrics and activities side-by-side.

Why 9 Spokes?

The 9 Spokes data dashboard gives you access to a view of your business that was previously only available to enterprise and corporate-sized businesses. We designed our smart dashboard to provide small and medium businesses with superior data insights without the extra work and money. And the best part is that it is for free!

We call ourselves 9 Spokes because we believe there are 9 key areas that make up a successful business. Our dashboard is perfect to keep an eye on these key areas and monitor everything from your marketing to your money.

Picking the right apps

To make the process of setting up your dashboard really simple, we have created a marketplace of the best apps currently available for our dashboards. Most of our recommended apps offer a risk-free trial period, so there’s nothing to lose. All our recommended apps have been designed to be intuitive, so it hardly takes any time to integrate them into your business.

9 Spokes and the apps we recommend will save you time, so that you don’t have to spend more hours on admin tasks and can devote more time to working on your business instead.

Sign up for your 9 Spokes data dashboard today and start driving towards greater business success. Remember that your 9 Spokes dashboard is, and will always be, free.