What’s New at Receipt Bank This Autumn

17th Sep 2019
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Life's short. And if you could drop the data entry, time-consuming chasing back and forth, or the paperwork filing altogether, would you?

If the answer is yes, you've come to the right place.

This autumn, we launched four fantastic new features that makes Receipt Bank a one-stop shop for your pre-accounting needs

All are designed to help you win back time to focus on what matters. With that in mind, meet our fantastic four...


Sage 50*

We get it – Sage is a big player, and plenty of your clients are still using their desktop software. Whilst we’d love for everyone to be using the cloud, we recognise that this is going to take a while.

In the meantime, our new Sage 50 integration means that you can enjoy all the benefits of cloud-based accounting processes (such as automating manual data entry) without having to migrate your customers. By integrating with Sage 50, clients can submit items on the go – saving you time and making it easier to prepare their data for import into Sage 50. 

There’s no point in spending the bulk of your time on pre-accounting tasks, or having to cater your practice’s processes around clients who haven’t yet adopted the cloud. 

*Available in the UK only


Sales Invoices**

You spoke and we listened. Sales Invoices, the feature most requested by our partners, is here at long last.

Gone are the days of using one platform to handle your receipts and another to handle your sales invoices, of manually typing up a handwritten invoice, or of manually extracting data that a client uploads to Receipt Bank. 

By offering sales and cost invoice data processing, we’re leveraging our world-class data extraction capabilities to provide a one-stop solution for all your pre-accounting tasks. Our sales invoice integration will dramatically simplify your accounts payable and accounts receivable workflows. 

This leaves you free to focus on what’s truly important: providing your clients with the best service possible. 

**Available for all UK and US users. Available in Australia and South Africa for Streamline and Optimize users only.


Line Item Extraction***

Sometimes clients want detailed information on X, Y, or Z. However, manual line item extraction is a tedious task – there are plenty of better uses of your time. 

Now, you can just upload receipts and invoices to Receipt Bank and our software will automatically identify each line item. Once stored, you can then extract any line item individually before sending it across to your clients. 

This feature can be enabled on a per supplier basis in each client account and works for invoices, receipts, credit notes, and delivery notes.

***Available in the UK only. Available to other regions later this year.


Bank Match****

Reconciliation is an arduous, time-consuming, but ultimately incredibly important process. 

Bookkeepers need to frequently verify that the spend reported by their clients is consistent with their outgoing bank account payments. But, this is made all the more complex when you factor in that many organisations use multiple bank accounts.

Say goodbye to manually flipping between screens trying to match up the correct transactions. With Bank Match, we’ll do all the detective work for you – reducing time spent on reconciliation by up to 20%. 

With one simple click, we’ll automatically match transactions to their corresponding accounts, providing you with an additional level of assurance and ensuring that your leger is 100% audit-proof. 

****Available in all regions for Streamline and Optimize users integrated with Xero and Sage Accounting.

Please note that the above features are currently not available in Canada or France. They are additional features charged per document, submitted/according to the partner’s current subscription.

Interested in finding out more? 

Sign up for the webinar for a deep-dive into these features and highlight how you can start working smarter and growing faster.


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