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What's new in BrightPay 16/17?

30th Mar 2016
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Tax Year Updates: 2016/17 rates have been applied to the BrightPay 16/17 release. For a comprehensive breakdown of tax year updates click here.

Staging date API: The Pensions Regulator recently launched a staging date API. This staging date tool links directly to the Pensions Regulator's website to retrieve your staging date, which will then automatically pre-populate the staging date field in BrightPay.  

Pre-assessment report: Users can create a PDF report previewing what automatic enrolment will look like prior to staging. This report will include details of each employee, their age, their predicted worker category, estimated qualifying earnings plus the total estimated value for the employee and employer contributions. PDF Example: Pre-assessment Report 

Post-assessment report: This report allows users to perform a post-assessment review, which will provide a snapshot of what automatic enrolment looked like on your staging date. This will include details of the worker category for each employee, assessment dates and postponements.

HMRC's Basic PAYE Tools (BPT) import facility: Users can seamlessly import employer and employee data from HMRC's Basic PAYE Tools directly into BrightPay in less than one minute. Read: BrightPay for HMRC Basic PAYE tools users.

Batch Facility: Users have the option to process auto enrolment for more than one employee at the same time.  These processes include batch enrolment, printing and emailing of all AE communications and batch postponement.

NEST's API / web services tool: BrightPay offers the NEST API / web services facility to streamline the data transfer process each pay period. Click here to find out how the BrightPay and Nest API works. Using this API, users will be able to submit their pension data file directly from BrightPay into the NEST portal. Read: How useful will the NEST API or web services tool actually be?

CIS Facility: BrightPay has a fully integrated CIS facility which will support processing subcontractors. Note: CIS functionality is not available for free BrightPay users or BrightPay for MAC users.

Payrolling of benefits: BrightPay supports calculating the PAYE on expenses and benefits for each pay period.  

P11D's - BrightPay allows users to process P11D's to send to HMRC. View a list of expenses and benefits. Note: Expenses/benefits and P11D functionality is not available for free BrightPay users.

Price: There are absolutely no changes or increases in BrightPay's prices for the above features. For bureau customers, BrightPay remains at £199 + VAT per tax year. This includes unlimited employers, unlimited employees, automatic enrolment functionality and free phone and email support. For single employers, BrightPay remains at £89 + VAT per tax year. This includes unlimited employees, automatic enrolment functionality and free phone and email support. BrightPay continues to offer a free licence to employers with three or less employees, which includes automatic enrolment functionality and free phone and email support.

Customer Service: Due to our growing customer base, we have recently grown our support team with three new employees Debbie Clarke, Donna Walsh and Oliver Sheridan joining the team. We continue to strive to improve our customer satisfaction rate of 98.5% for the customer support team.  Testimonials for the support team include “very patient and excellent”, “helpful and informative” and “very efficient help”.

Auto Enrolment Reporting: BrightPay's analysis reporting tool allows you to create, customise and save your reports for future use at any time. Auto enrolment reports can also be created to include the following - worker category, enrolment dates, opt-in & opt-out dates, employee & employer pension contributions, etc.

Enrolment and contributions file reminders: Once payslips are finalised in a given pay period, users will now see notifications reminding them if there are any outstanding files still to be submitted to their pension provider.

RTI reminders: BrightPay will continue to alert you of any RTI returns that you have outstanding for submission to HMRC.

Still to come ...........

Employer Cloud Portal: BrightPay will soon be launching BrightPay Cloud which will provide:

  • Secure Online Backup - Automatically backs up your BrightPay data to the cloud. A historical set of backups is maintained. Your data file can be restored from an online backup at any time.

  • Employee Self-Service - Enables employees to log into a web-based portal using their PC, Mac or smartphone to retrieve payslips, view their calendar, request annual leave, view/update personal information, and more.

  • Bureau Client Self-Service - Enables payroll bureaus to provide an online portal not only for their client's employees (i.e. employee self-service as described above), but also an employer portal for direct use by their clients, enabling them to view payroll reports, P30s, calendars, all employee information, and more.

BrightPay Cloud will work directly with BrightPay 2016/17, but will also allow you to upload your BrightPay 2015/16 data to immediately have a full year of historical data to power the self-service features.

BrightPay Cloud will cost £49 per employer, per tax year (with discounted bulk pricing for bureaus also available). We'll have more news very soon.

Pensionsync - BrightPay's development team are working with Pensionsync over the coming months to add their API facility for our users. The Pensionsync API facility automates the pension data transfer between payroll and pension provider. The API will allow users to directly transfer pension file data from within BrightPay to NOW:Pensions, The People's Pension, NEST, Legal & General, Aviva and Smart Pension. Watch this video to see how BrightPay and Pensionsync will work together to streamline your automatic enrolment processes. There will an additional charge for this facility.

Smart Pension API - With Smart Pension, there are no employer charges to set up your AE pension scheme. BrightPay will soon offer the Smart Pension API facility to customers. This API facility will work in the same way as the NEST API / web services too. There will be no additional charge for this facility.

RTI Batch Processing - BrightPay’s development team are also working on a RTI batch processing feature which will allow bureau users to send RTI submissions for multiple companies at the same time. This service will only be available for single director companies.

BrightPay_Hi-Res.pngRead in more detail: BrightPay 2016/17 is Now Available. What's New?