What's new in Receipt Bank: July 2018

Brought to you by Receipt Bank

This month, Receipt Bank brings you an update to Invoice Fetch as well as the announcement of an upcoming Bank Fetch and improvements to the Sage integration.


Effortless submissions with Invoice Fetch

From last month you can use Invoice Fetch to automatically collect your bills and invoices from online portals. These are some of its recent updates:

  • The Invoice Fetch page now includes a link ​to a list of suppliers available, so you can easily find which of your clients’ suppliers can be connected
  • You will receive a pop-up message when deleting a supplier to confirm you want to complete this action so that none of them are accidentally removed
  • You will receive a success banner to confirm the addition of new items to  Invoice Fetch

There are lots more updates on the roadmap for Invoice Fetch to make it work even better for you. Keep an eye on the upcoming product update blogs to find out more.

Coming soon: Bank Fetch

Receipt Bank is currently developing Bank Fetch for Receipt Bank Streamline and above to simplify your bookkeeping and accounting processes.

Bank Fetch will securely fetch your clients’ bank statements from their online banking service. Once fetched, Receipt Bank will do all the data extraction for you, leaving your clients’ bank data ready for you to process.

Click here ​to register your interest to be part of the beta program for Bank Fetch!

Sage accounting line items

Receipt Bank is building an even stronger integration with Sage Accounting for Partners on Streamline and above! Receipt Bank Partners integrated with Sage Accounting now have access to all these great features:

  • Line items: It allows you to separate individual line items within a receipt or invoice on the receipt details page so that you can allocate different categories or tax codes to different line items – for example, separating goods purchased and shipping costs.
  • Smart Split: You can use Smart Split to save time by creating rules for those regular suppliers where the same line item details need adding every time. Smart Split will automatically create your default line items so you don’t need to manually add category details on items from regular suppliers.
  • Expense Reports: A simple, straightforward and customizable expense reports tool that enables you to view the expense items in your Sage account, now with an extra level of detail!