What's new this August 2019 in Zoho Books?

6th Aug 2019
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We are back with another set of updates to take your accounting experience to the next level. Let's take a look at the updates for the month of August.

Individual and Business Customers - Zoho CRM Integration

Differentiate between B2B and B2C customers by marking them as Individual or Business customers. All customers synced with the Accounts of Zoho CRM will be marked as Business customers and all customers synced with the Contacts of Zoho CRM will be marked as Individual customers. At the time of syncing, the Accounts & its Contacts in Zoho CRM will be fetched as Customers/Vendors & its Contact Persons into Zoho Books. The Contacts in Zoho CRM that do not have Accounts associated with them will be synced as Customers/Vendors in Zoho Books.

To do this: Go to Sales > Customers > + New > Select Business or Individual, enter the other details and click Save.

Enable Credit Limit for Sales Orders

We have introduced Credit Limit for Sales Orders. If the customer exceeds the credit limit while creating, updating, sending or converting the status of a sales order, a warning or an error message will be thrown based on the Customer Credit Limit Preferences. This feature can be enabled from the Credit Limit Preferences.
To do this: Go to Settings > Preferences > Customers and Vendors > Under Customer Credit Limit, mark the box Include sales orders' amount in limiting the credit given to customers and click Save.

Enter Vendor Opening Balances for Individual Vendors

You can enter opening balances for your vendors in one of the following ways:

  • Import vendors and their opening balances into Zoho Books

  • Import the Accounts Payable opening balances

  • Enter the opening balance of new vendors in the Other Details page

  • Enter the existing vendor opening balance in the vendor Overview page
Users who have entered their vendor opening balance earlier will have to set the balance to zero and refresh the page to access the link to import. Learn more.

Stripe ACH Debit Payments (U.S. Edition)

Receive payments from your customers effortlessly with the Stripe ACH Payment integration. With ACH, the money will be directly deducted from your customer’s bank account after they permit you to do so. Only organizations whose business location is the United States can use Stripe ACH payments via Zoho Books. Learn more.

To do this: Go to Settings > Integrations > Customer Payments > Stripe > Set up now and set up the integration.


Generate GST CMP-08 Report for Composition Registered Taxpayers (India edition)

Form GST CMP-08 is a simplified version of the GSTR-4 return. Previously, composition registered taxpayers had to file GSTR-4 every quarter. Now, the GSTR-4 will be filed annually and the GST CMP-08 report will be filed on a quarterly basis.

To do this: Go to Settings > Taxes > GST Settings and enable the Composition Scheme. Now, go toReports and select Form GST CMP-08 under Taxes.


Item Headers in Invoices, Recurring Invoices, and Estimates

Items can be categorized in transactions under different headers in invoices, recurring invoices, and estimates. The Item Headers can be dragged and placed above any item. This segregation can be viewed in their final PDF as well.

To do this: Go to the desired module > Create a new transaction > Click the  Add Another Linedropdown and select Add Item Header.


Split Contacts Module into Customers and Vendors Modules

Customers and Vendors will now be available under the Sales and Purchases modules in Zoho Books. All the functionalities of these modules will be split accordingly. Learn more.

To view this change: Go to Sales > Customers (for customers) and Purchases > Vendors (for vendors).


Bulk Update Projects and Reporting Tags in an Invoice Line Item

Projects and Reporting Tags can be associated with the line items in an invoice. You can also associate these line items with multiple projects.

To do this: Go to Invoices > + New > Bulk Update line item > Update Projects/ Update Reporting Tags,select the projects or tags, and click Update.


Multi-Level Approval for Purchases

Multiple users can now approve purchase transactions in Zoho Books. This feature can be enabled from the Purchase Approval Preferences. Learn more.

To do this: Go to Settings > Preferences > Approvals > Purchase Approval > Configure multi-level approval with specific approvers and enter the approvers.


View Invoice Details in a Contextual Pane from a Transaction Overview Page

When a transaction is converted into an invoice, the invoice details can be viewed right from the transaction page itself. For example, let's say an estimate is converted to an invoice. Now the invoice details can be viewed right from the particular estimate in a contextual pane. This feature is currently available for the Estimates, Sales Orders and Delivery Challan modules.

To do this: Go to the desired module > Convert the transaction to an invoice > Go to the Comments and History option in the transaction Overview page > Click View the invoice.

We hope you find these updates useful for your business. Do try out these features in Zoho Books and let us know what you think about them in the comments below, or write to us at [email protected].