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PaperLess improves the efficiency of accounting systems.

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What’s the top choice of CFOs to approve invoices?

16th Feb 2024
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PaperLess improves the efficiency of accounting systems.

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Sage invoice scanning is powered by Sage Technology Partner, PaperLess Europe. The best software to scan invoices into Sage and to get access to Sage OCR for automating invoice data capture. The top choice of CFOs to approve invoices will depend on the accounting software they use. For CFOs using Sage 50 and Sage 200, PaperLess Invoice Approval is among the top choice of CFOs to manage, process and approve invoices.

Invoice Approval Software for Sage – Here is how it works

Invoice Approval Seamlessly Integrated with Sage 50 and Sage 200

One of the reasons that make PaperLess the top invoice approval software is the seamless integration with Sage. This way, CFOs can get invoices approved and automatically posted to Sage. Furthermore, by using PaperLess, Sage users also have easy access to the invoice approval audit trail via a live invoice lookup directly from within Sage.

Approve invoices via the web of mobile app

Yes, with PaperLess Sage users can easily approve invoices via a simple web-browser or mobile app. This means that no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection you can use PaperLess to easily approve your invoices.

Automate invoice approval processes

What CFOs have also realised is that with PaperLess they can easily automate invoice approval processes. This automation can be easily defined and, depending on the needs of each customer, Sage users can automate approval processed based on supplier, department, cost code, project and or nominal.

Keep control over approval amounts and approval thresholds

With PaperLess, CFOs can also easily define maximum approval amounts, second level approvals and approval thresholds so that they can be in full control over the entire invoice approval process.

Live overview of the invoice approval process

When sending invoices for approval, PaperLess enables users with the necessary user rights to easily view all invoices pending approval, change approval deadlines and send approval reminders. Furthermore, users can also take reports showing them all invoices currently pending approval and all the relevant accounting data.

Invoice Approval with automatic management of disputes in Sage

PaperLess also gives CFOs the option to get the invoices posted to Sage as soon as they are sent for approval but stopped for payment until they are fully approved in PaperLess. This is possible with PaperLess Dispute Approval for Sage, an exclusive feature of PaperLess software that gives CFOs a better overview over the status of their accounts.

What are Sage Users Saying About PaperLess Invoice Approval for Sage?

“Amazing, cannot believe I have never heard of PaperLess everyone needs to get their hands on this program.”

Sharon Harkins Office Manager RAD Hotel Group

“PaperLess is a great system to use as it is a lot faster than approving the pile of paper”

Nicholas Reyes-Ramirez, Everyman Media Group’s Finance Assistant

 “the main change is that we have a central filing system that can be accessed by everybody without the need to (mis-)file paperwork, and greater control of both the Sales and Purchasing systems.”

Paul Adams, from JACOB

“I personally think it’s great. It allows me to enter invoices without the requirement to manually input all of the data and then refer to archived documents with ease”

UKFast Finance Director, Joseph Ryland

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