"When can I expect my invoice to be paid” asks the supplier.

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"When can I expect my invoice to be paid” asks the supplier.

What invoice?” Thinks the accounts payable manager.

Oops, we have a problem. Sadly a very common problem.

Many organisations still rely on manual processes and paper to get their supplier invoices approved. If key workers or approvers are seldom in the office or busy with other priorities, delays can occur, holding up supplier payments.

Email approvals can hide a multitude of problems - from simple oversight from approvers due to other priorities, delays due to holidays, lack of audit trail and no visibility of the invoice status for the accounts team. Add in complex multi-level approvals or requirements for different people to sign off and the problem escalates. 

And its not ‘just’ your supplier that could be impacted. Your company relationship can be soured by repeated failure to pay on time and for medium and larger companies payment profiles are becoming a matter of public record. Suppliers who don’t get paid on time invest their time and service elsewhere, whereas good payers receive priority service and better prices.

In the worst case, your internal inefficiencies could result in the supplier refusing to supply goods or failing to survive.

Zahara recognises this common issue and allows supplier invoices to be easily recorded. You can match against existing order or add new invoices, utilising the simple built-in workflow. Our dashboards make it easy to see what’s approved and what’s in query. Zahara will enable AP Automation complimenting your existing finance system.

  • Get spend approved first using Purchase Orders
  • Match invoices to orders with minimal keying in
  • Drag over PDF’s of invoices and link to orders
  • Record ad-hoc invoices easily and get them approved
  • Use the Zahara dashboard to see who can be paid
  • Import CSV invoice data into your accounts system
  • Use reporting to analyse potential cost savings
  • Accounts Payable AP Approval System Software

If you want to improve the way your accounts payable process works, then Zahara is a versatile and evolving tool that can help you right now and in the future. Take a demo.