Where Are You On The Marketing Map?

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Progressive Practice Summit

Do you understand exactly where you are on your marketing journey?

Perhaps you’ve started and done bits here and there, maybe you’re slightly more advanced and you’ve got a good system for content creation and lead generation, or perhaps you haven’t started at all.

But regardless of where you are, if you don’t understand where you are in terms of the bigger picture, then you won’t know what to do next.

This is why Karen Reyburn from The Profitable Firm created The Marketing Map.

Having worked with practices over the last 6 years developing marketing strategies that work and deliver results, The Marketing Map details the exact process and journey practice owners need to take to go from undersubscribed to oversubscribed.

It’s the bigger picture of what you need to do and more importantly, when to do it.

You can see my full interview with Karen ahead of her presentation in the Progressive Practice Summit below.

When you register for the summit and attend Karen’s presentation, you will:

  • Understand the bigger picture of the Marketing Map so you know exactly where you are and what it looks like in the long-run
  • Learn how to outsource or hire marketing pro’s, but more importantly, which is best and when it’s best
  • Leave knowing when you are ready to dive into high level lead generation and when you aren’t ready (HINT – most practices think they’re ready when they aren’t, and end up burning cash

If you want to attend Karen’s session, and the other 17 expert sessions taking place over 3 days then book your free ticket here.

What is the Progressive Practice Summit?

The Progressive Practice Summit is a first-of-a-kind 3 day ONLINE summit.

Featuring 16 of the UK’s leading experts, thought-leaders and influencers from the accounting profession, during the summit you will discover and learn the latest insights and strategies for building a progressive and future-proof accountancy practice.

We’ll be covering topics including marketing, pricing, business advisory, technology, client experience and much much more.

Registration is free, and you can book your ticket right here.

I look forward to seeing you on the Progressive Practice Summit.