Whose Client Is It Anyway?

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Progressive Practice Summit

As society carries on to change, and technology continues to develop, there are more players in the mix fighting for your clients relationship...

Software providers, and even HMRC are getting involved directly with your clients, posing the question…

Whose client is it anyway?

Dan Richards, Head of Global Sales at MyFirmsApp believes that is the time for accountants to respond and take ownership of this client relationship once and for all.

You can see my full interview with Dan ahead of his session during the Progressive Practice Summit below where he explains this changing relationship in more detail.

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When you register for the Progressive Practice Summit and attend Dan’s session, you will discover:

  • The importance of making some conscious decisions that you need to make right now about your clients
  • What are the simple, first steps on that journey which any firm, of any size, regardless of ‘tech-saviness’ can take and make hassle-free, meaningful progress…
  • How the most progressive and award-winning firms are engaging with clients, helping them to increase productivity, generate more value from their marketing efforts and strategically align their firms to the future of technology and service expectations
  • And much more!

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What is the Progressive Practice Summit?

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