Why a spring clean with a paper cull can boost practice efficiency

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As Spring bursts into season, you might be thinking of having a clear out.

What better time to have an office paper cull?

There are many good reasons for it that will benefit your business, so let’s take a look at some of the top ones.

Cut the cost of space

A typical filling cabinet costs £150. Not a lot you might say, but that fails to factor in the cost of the space it fills. If you get an average five draw cabinet, taking up about 7 sq/ft of the office, and it costs, say, approximately £55 per sq/ft for rented space in London, it’ll cost you nearly £400 per month. If storing files is all you need the space for, why not save the money by switching to a smaller office or make better use of the space you already have to get higher value from it? That space could be occupied by a productive employee instead.

Change the look of your practice

When a potential client walks in and there are masses of filing cabinets, what does that portray about your practice? It definitely does not look modern. Bring your practice into the 21st century. Show yourself to prospective customers in a different light, as a forward thinking, modern paperless office.

Reduce your environmental impact

The average office worker uses 830 pieces of paper a month, which equals 8% of a tree! That seems like a lot of waste at a time when the need to protect our planet seems to be growing by the day.

Become more efficient

How many times have you tried searching for a document in a cabinet which you can’t find?  How much time is lost when you can’t get access to the information easily?

According to research done by McKinsey, 9.3 hours a week is lost per person searching for files. Assuming a £50 per hour charge out rate, this is over £2,000 per month alone.

Seem like a waste of space yet?

As you can see, there are loads of compelling reasons to axe the paper clutter. Your practice could be benefiting very soon.

Let us help you make this a reality. Come and speak with the IRIS team about how we can assist you and hear how we’ve already helped hundreds of practices to reduce paper and improve efficiency. 
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