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The payroll solution that provides all you need for Auto Enrolment.

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Why BrightPay is the Perfect Payroll Solution for your Practice

4th Apr 2022
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The payroll solution that provides all you need for Auto Enrolment.

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Whether you run a firm which employs 50+ people or you have recently decided to break into a freelance role and work for yourself from home, when it comes to the success of your accountancy business, one thing is guaranteed; choosing the right software is essential. 

If payroll is a service which you offer your clients, you will know that choosing the right payroll software can be the difference between payroll being a money-spinner or a loss leader. A good payroll software can improve the client experience and allow you to offer services that will put you ahead of the competition.  

5 reasons why BrightPay is the perfect payroll solution for your business 

 1. A payroll software which automates tasks, saving you time and money

Streamlining your payroll processing is a great way to both save time and allow you to take on more clients. Choosing a payroll software that automates payroll tasks can be the difference between spending hours or minutes on a client’s payroll. 

Integrations with other software has also transformed how we run payroll. BrightPay has integrations with HMRC, accounting packages, pension providers and a payments platform

This means with just a few simple clicks you can:  

  • Send payroll data to HMRC 

  • Send payroll data to your accounting software 

  • Enroll employees into pension schemes 

  • Send enrolment data to pension providers 

  • Pay employees 

  • Pay subcontractors 

  • Pay HMRC 

Pensions and Auto-Enrolment 

When it comes to pensions and auto-enrolment, BrightPay is constantly monitoring everything in the background with onscreen alerts to inform you of any pension duties you need to perform. BrightPay’s notifications will alert you when an employee needs to be enrolled, sent an enrolment letter or be re-enrolled into a scheme. An on-screen alert will also remind you to send your enrolment summary and contribution summary files to the pension provider, which can be done in a few clicks. 

Batch Processing 

Batch operations are another way BrightPay uses automation to make payroll processing quicker and easier. The Batch Operation tab on the BrightPay’s open-screen enables youusers to process or perform a task for multiple clients’ payrolls with just one click. Tasks that can be completed in batches are: 

  • Finalising a pay period 

  • Sending outstanding RTI and CIS submissions 

  • Checking for coding notices 


2. A payroll software which helps ensure payroll compliance 

Complying with payroll legislation is something which is at the forefront of payroll processers’ minds when it comes to running payroll for their clients. Non-compliance with HMRC, GDPR or pension auto-enrolment can not only result in fines but can damage the reputation of your business. That is why it is important to choose a payroll software that will help you stay compliant in these areas. 


As payroll processers know, you may be charged penalties if you do not report the correct payroll information to HMRC or if you do not submit the information on time. It is necessary that you use a HMRC recognised software like BrightPay that can report PAYE information online and in real-time. Using a HMRC recognised software is needed for: 

  • Recording your employees’ details. 

  • Working out your employees’ pay and deductions. 

  • Working out any statutory pay your employees’ may be entitled to. 

  • Working out how much you owe to HMRC. 


When processing payroll, you are dealing with a lot of personal information. Using a GDPR compliant payroll software such as BrightPay means you and your clients can rest assured that all personal data is stored and managed in a safe and secure manner. 


In the year ending March 2020, The Pension Regulator issued a total of £23.1m worth of fines to employers who didn’t comply with their auto enrolment duties. Of course, sometimes payroll processers can make genuine mistakes when trying to keep up with auto enrolment and re-enrolment duties, however, these mistakes can be easily avoided when you use BrightPay, a payroll software that caters for auto enrolment and re-enrolment.   


3. A payroll software which allows you to diversify and offer new services to clients 

Online Employer Dashboard and Employee app 

BrightPay Connect is a cloud add-on to BrightPay payroll software. Through BrightPay Connect, you can offer your clients access to an employer portal which has a number of functions that can help your clients to better manage their employees, including: 

  • Sharing payslips and other documents with employees which they are be able to view on their own employee self-service app

  • Receiving annual leave requests from employees that can be viewed through a company calendar, and approving or denying these requests. 

These functions can be performed anytime, anywhere. Any changes made to payroll data in BrightPay Connect are also automatically synchronised with BrightPay Payroll. 

Client Payroll Entry and Approval 

No matter how many clients you may have, or how many employees they have, through BrightPay Connect you can batch send payroll entry requests at the touch of a button. Once the request has been sent, your clients will receive a notification on their employer dashboard. Clients can then choose to make any additions or deductions to their employees’ pay, add a new starter for that period or leave any other instructions that they may have for you in the comment box.  

Your client can also upload timesheets or other spreadsheets to inform you of their employees’ hours worked for that week. This saves you from wasting time trawling through emails. Once you have reviewed the information entered by the client, any changes made will automatically flow down to your BrightPay Payroll software. This automation cuts down on errors that are more likely to happen when payroll details are entered manually. 


4. A payroll software with a 97.5% customer support satisfaction rate 

A good payroll software provider will have resources available to you to help you when you need it. On BrightPay’s website you can find a comprehensive list of support documentation on how to use BrightPay. Other useful resources from our website includes guides and eBooks, video tutorials, blogs, and webinars. We also host weekly live webinars on timely topics which anyone can join for free. 

If you cannot find the answer to your query on our website, our helpful and friendly support team are available to answer your questions by phone or email. Our customer support has a 97.5% customer satisfaction rate. 

We do not charge for support as we don’t think we should profit from your need for help. This motivates us to ensure our software is as easy to use as possible. 


5. A payroll software which allows you to price for profit 

BrightPay Connect’s many features help to streamline the payroll process for bureaus and their clients. While saving time by automating tasks can of course save you money, it is BrightPay Connect’s pricing structure that holds the key to increasing profits. 

 A bureau will be charged per employee who uses BrightPay Connect. This means you will be charged the same amount if you have ten clients with one employee each compared to if you have one client with ten employees.  

The more employees that use BrightPay Connect, the lower the cost per employee. For example, if there are five or less employees you pay £0.42 per employee per month, but this goes all the way down to £0.10 per employee if there are 5000 employees or more. For more information, try out our BrightPay Connect pricing calculator or read our helpful guide on how to price BrightPay Connect for your payroll clients. 


To learn more about how BrightPay and BrightPay Connect can help you save time and money and help you diversify your practice, book a free online demo today

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