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Why BrightPay? People, culture and relationships

20th Apr 2022
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A year ago, being acquired was the last thing on our minds. Quite the opposite. So what won us over? While the financial support to achieve our future ambitions was tempting, it wasn’t that. Nor was it the opportunity to remain ahead of the competition.

It was seeing a clear alignment in how BrightPay and AM think – and act. Our internal cultures and approaches to user experience and support share uncanny similarities. It’s a pairing that can only mean one thing: The future’s bright. 

Culture and relationships are everything

It’s thanks to the people and internal working relationships at AccountancyManager that we’ve achieved as much as we have so far. We all share the same daily drive to provide the best software and support for our existing and future users. 

I used to cringe when James called us a family, but he’s right. It’s a collection of super-talented, genuinely nice people.”

- Sophie Neal, Senior Marketing Executive at AM

AM’s culture not only attracts talent, but plays a huge part in attracting and retaining our users. Establishing a rapport with our users and helping them get the most out of AM have always been paramount. 

Our support is totally free and consistently rated 98% and above by our users. The people you know in our account management and support teams will still be there for you – there just might be more of them over time.

BrightPay, based in Ireland, also boasts an unusually strong team spirit and acclaimed customer support. 

We’re such a strong team. You can always count on someone to help you out if you’re stuck on a difficult query."

- Niamh, Senior Technical Support Adviser at BrightPay

“One of the things we are most proud of as a business,” says BrightPay, “is our customer support. Last year in our customer satisfaction survey, our customer support achieved a 97.5% satisfaction rate, and we feel this has been fundamental to BrightPay's success.  

BrightPay, TaxCalc and AM lead the way in user experience and trust 

AccountancyManager and BrightPay share a common philosophy focused on serving customers above everything else. BrightPay and AccountancyManager are two of the highest-rated products used by the accounting profession.

In 2021, AccountingWEB researched the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for leading vendors to the accounting industry. A Net Promoter Score measures customer satisfaction across a number of areas.

BrightPay came out on top with a score of 76. 12 points ahead of TaxCalc with 64. ‘Ease of use’ was the most unprompted reason for respondents liking BrightPay. AccountancyManager was third with a score of 62, just two points behind TaxCalc. 

BrightPay and TaxCalc are seen as the most reliable, trustworthy vendors, followed by AccountancyManager.”

- AccountingWEB 

We’ve infiltrated the Bright hierarchy

Our ‘acquisition’ is as far from ‘a faceless corporation gobbling up an independent’ as you can get. Why? Because our leaders – those that live and breathe our culture – have taken on critical roles within Bright, the parent company of BrightPay and now, AM.

AM’s founder and chairman James Byrne will become an adviser to the Bright board of directors. While Our CEO Kevin McCallum is taking on the role of Chief Operating Officer for Bright, but will continue to be responsible for AccountancyManager. 

…And you thought we were competitive before

Another similarity between AM and BrightPay is the amount of time we’ve spent walking up to various stages to collect awards. We feel a friendly sibling rivalry coming on…



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