Why choose AccountsIQ as an alternative to Sage and Xero

30th Mar 2020
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AccountsIQ's award-winning cloud accounting software is a great alternative to Sage or Xero and is particularly suited for medium-sized organisations. It is the ideal accounting software for group companies. 

Flexible General Ledger

If your business sets up a subsidiary, or merges with another company or you need to report on things in a different way, you’ll need to amend your chart of accounts to reflect the changes so that you can produce newly customised reports.

With AccountsIQ, there’s a very flexible general ledger, which allows you to amend your chart of accounts and reclassify GL codes to different categories. You will save significant time if your reporting requirements change, because there’ll be absolutely no need for complex workarounds or manually editing your reports in Excel once they are produced.

Consolidation capability

Consolidation is a really important function of your accounting software if your company consists of multiple entities. AccountsIQ's consolidation software functionality covers the full General Ledger; including full sales, purchases and analysis consolidation. Multiple currency transactions and your coding structure can be easily managed at a group level and intercompany recharging can be handled with ease. Take a look at AccountsIQ's core financials.

Period management

AccountsIQ makes it simple to go back and work on something from the previous financial year. AccountsIQ is a transaction-based system with full period management that includes FX revaluation functionality for both month and year end. You can keep periods and years critical to a previous year open and still allow your finance function to move forward to its new reporting year.

Cloud advantages

Just some of the advantages of cloud-based accounting platforms such as AccountsIQ, over the old, on premise software:

Real-time reporting to encourage collaboration. AccountsIQ's collaborative accounting software features unique modules created to facilitate engagement with other users in the system in real time. For example, office staff can raise a PO using the finance system; while department heads can see where they stand with their budget in real time.

AccountsIQ has an open API which means it can be easily integrated with other cloud apps including online banking, expense management software such as Concur, data and document scanning technology such as Kefron and AutoEntry, EPOS systems and CRM apps like Salesforce. This can be difficult to achieve with on-premise accounting solutions.

Learn how AccountsIQ cloud financial management software can improve the way you work.

Customer service

AccountsIQ's friendly and knowledgeable customer service is included as standard, from implementation to training and ongoing support.

We want you to get the best out of our software and using as much of the functionality as possible. It’s usually that last little bit of functionality that you haven't implemented, that can transform your business and save you valuable time and resources.

Contact AccountsIQ for a chat about your requirements and to find out more about how we work or request pricing.


We run frequent accounting webinars in which you can get a high-level overview of our accounting software, plus the benefits of using our seamlessly-integrated add on services:

  • Implementing a New Finance System
  • Consolidation, Multicurrency, Intercompany Recharging
  • Demo of our Powerful Cloud Accounting Solution for Group Companies
  • Gain Significant Time and Cost Savings with TransferMate FX payments integration
  • Power up your finance function with automated AP from Kefron

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