Why cloud software is the future for field service management

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When people think of industries revolutionised by cloud computing, they might consider banking and finance, telecommunications, or online entertainment. But what about the trade and service industries?


While hands-on trades may seem a world away from office workers, the truth is that cloud computing — where software and data is stored in the internet ‘cloud’ instead of in a physical computer — is having a much bigger impact on the worldwide, multi billion-pound field services sector than many people realise.

Why the cloud?

The cloud has become popular for many reasons, though centralised data accessible from anywhere with an internet connection is possibly the most popular advantage. A close second is the reduced cost; cloud-based solutions save money. They require little capital outlay for equipment and take no space on the company’s property, yet they offer access to massive data storage and computing power.

The pay-as-you-go model turns computing from a risky, front-loaded capital expense to an ongoing operating expense, which greatly simplifies budgeting and ties it to revenues.

It spares companies the expense and disruption of the need to update installed software company-wide and the cost of maintaining secure servers in a corporate data room. In most cases, cloud-based software updates itself automatically at little or no charge to users.

The cloud and the field service industry

Around the world, field service contractors such as plumbers, electricians, maintenance technicians and even security guards are using cloud-based software to become more efficient and boost their business’s profitability. Typically, cloud-based job management systems help field service contractors by automating many aspects of their business workflow, such as scheduling, quoting, invoicing and more.

simPRO Software’s cloud solutions cover every aspect of business: from estimating to project management and service delivery. Our field mobility solutions enable field staff to retrieve and update times, materials, job details and even photos for each job in real time, enabling seamless data communications with the office, as well as the ability to take payments on site.

Implementing a field service management system such as simPRO Software can dramatically increase a trade business’s productivity and profits, and is why more and more businesses are moving towards cloud-based job management solutions.

Accounting integration

By linking simPRO with popular accounting packages such as Xero, Quickbooks and Sage, invoices and transactions can be pushed from simPRO directly into the accounting package, eliminating manual double handling of data, saving time and minimising the risk of error.

More complex transactions such as progress claims, application claims and retentions are also transferred to the correct accounting codes.

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