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Why customers love BrightPay (And you should too!)

14th Nov 2017
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BrightPay receives excellent customer satisfaction, provides expert customer support and saves time. At the CIPP annual excellence awards this year, we were delighted that BrightPay was recognised as highly commended.

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Over the last year, we identified key features to improve and make the payroll journey easier, including:

  • CSV payroll journal export facility for import into accounting software.
  • NEST API capabilities to validate groups and payment sources and to send payment approval requests for contributions schedule.
  • Easier import processing from other payroll software providers.
  • 30 second import from HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools.  
  • Payroll and HR cloud portal to automatically backup payroll data online, with online access to payslips, reporting, annual leave and HR documents.  

These improvements make BrightPay a progressive payroll product, continually evolving to maximise time saving benefits for customers. Our latest cloud add-on, BrightPay Connect, offers savings of up to 75% to our payroll bureau customers when bulk purchasing multiple BrightPay Connect licences.


Offering significant cost savings/business benefits to clients


  • The NEST APIs eliminate the need for users to log into the NEST web portal to approve payments and check that their setup details are matching, thus saving time and reducing errors.

HMRC Basic PAYE Tools (BPT) Import

  • The tailored import facility allows users to import employer and employee data from Basic PAYE Tools into BrightPay in less than thirty seconds. Previously, new users had to manually input each employee's details including name, address, National Insurance number, tax code, date of birth, NIC class and mid-year figures (where applicable). Importing these details automatically saves users time compared to manually typing in the payroll details. This also reduces errors allowing employers to streamline the setup process.

Payroll Improvements

  • The payroll journal export facility supports five accounts packages, where users can export file formats with default nominal ledger code mappings included. This improves accuracy, payroll productivity and efficiencies.
  • The batch RTI submission facility saves bureaus significant time each pay period. This compares with sending individual RTI submissions for each client each pay period.
  • Improved importing options from other payroll software, with a batch import facility for multiple employer files benefiting bureaus.


Customer satisfaction including client testimonials

  • BrightPay has an improved customer satisfaction from 99.1% (2016) to 99.8% (2017).
  • BrightPay has an improved customer satisfaction for support from 98.3% (2016) to 98.6% (2017).
  • BrightPay offers an excellent payroll product that is user-friendly and cost-effective with ongoing enhancements to the payroll experience.


David Forrester, TaxAssist 
BrightPay Connect has made a significant improvement to our clients’ payroll service and our internal processes. It is essential that we have a product that enables us to process our bureau efficiently. Now that the portal is available, we have cut down on email traffic and have saved our clients time – making their lives easier.
The time savings out way the licence and implementation costs significantly. These are real value adding benefits with holiday requests and online documentation going down fantastically with our clients and their employees.
The peace of mind I get from the online backup automated from the cloud gives me further reassurance that our practice, clients and their employees data is safe and secure and in the event of a disaster on site we can be up and running again in a short time.


Nina Ball, NY Ball Accountancy
The Brightpay API integration made the whole (Auto Enrolment) process straightforward – taking you through via the payroll to the point of being able to approve contributions, without having to go onto NEST at all. Initially there is a check where Brightpay “speaks” with NEST to ensure that it is all set up to NEST requirements. Switching an employer from one pension scheme to another has also proved to be straightforward.
With Cloud becoming more popular than ever this has now been catered for as an add on module. Brightpay Connect has benefits of secure online backup, 24/7 online access from any device, payslip facility, leave management & hour document uploaded.


Joanne Kay, North Shore Accountancy
Brightpay has proved to be invaluable to our practice. They continually improve their software to make it easier and quicker to use.
Outstanding service that we have not seen from other software providers.  They have recently made it possible to do batch RTI submissions. This is an excellent improvement as it allows us to submit multiple RTI and CIS submissions at once at the end of the week and month.
We have been blown away by how much Brightpay has improved our payroll services in the 18 months that we’ve been using it.


Introduction of BrightPay Connect
Introduced BrightPay Connect, a cloud and HR addon that works alongside BrightPay offering:

  • Secure online backup which automatically synchronises payroll data to the cloud. A chronological history of backups is kept, protecting payroll data against ransomware and similar cyber threats.
  • Online access anywhere, anytime for bureaus, employers and employees.
  • Employee self-service platform, where current and historic payslips, P45s and P60s are automatically available. This eliminates the need to manually email, download or print and distribute payslips and payroll documents.  
  • Online access to payroll reports and amounts due to HMRC. This reporting facility removes the administrative time required for bureaus to send payroll documents to clients each pay period.
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