Why engagement letters matter!

16th Oct 2020
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So, engagement letters matter, and not just for compliance. Engagement letters can strike fear in the hearts of practitioners, but engaging a client isn't just about producing a contract that is technically compliant. Join this fireside chat between Carl Reader and Glenn Collins, Head of Technical Advisory at ACCA where they will discuss how systemising your client engagement and payment process can help you build powerful relationships with your clients.

In the webinar, they will discuss:

  • The quick wins that a firm can have to improve their engagement process;
  • The common traps that firms fall into that can undermine their future client relationships; and,
  • How to resolve any payment dispute before the dispute is even raised, and get paid for every bit of work that you do.

Plus, as you'd expect they'll also talk about how to get your engagement letters right, each and every time, through the use of technology. Join this fireside chat to learn about how client engagements are so much more than just a templated letter - and how you can improve the way that you work with each and every client.

When: Tuesday, October 22, 10:30 (BST)