Why eSigning is essential for practice management in 2021

6th Jan 2021
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btcsoftware docusignThe ease-of-use and flexibility of online document portal and eSigning software is a large reason why sending documents through email is a relic of the past. From speed and security to post-Brexit GDPR compliance, we talk you through this essential component of strong practice management.

Why use an online document portal?

Beyond data protection concerns, online document management provides many benefits to your busy practice.

1.Speed things up

By sending your clients their documents digitally, you speed up the process. No more waiting for clients to print, sign, scan and email them back; using digital signatures speeds up turnaround time from days to just hours.

2.Be flexible

Many of your clients will have transitioned to working from home due to ongoing pandemic lockdown measures. That often means critical office infrastructure is unavailable to them; think printers or the ability to scan to email. Cloud-based digital document management gives you the flexibility to meet their needs.

3.Beat fraud

Fraud continues to be a hot topic for anyone with a digital footprint and when it comes to critical financial and business information it’s vital that your clients have confidence in how you protect their data. Document management is equipped with high levels of security to safeguard their signatures, contracts and paperwork.

4.Make it simple

No one wants to waste their valuable time on paperwork and administration. While it is essential that your clients sign their documents, you can make it simple for them and provide a modern experience that also saves time in your practice.

Ensure compliance, even after Brexit

The end of the transition period for Brexit means several changes come into effect for those running a business in the UK in 2021. While the UK is no longer covered by the GDPR as it stood pre-Brexit, it is important that accountants understand that the law set out by the regulation is being folded into UK data protection rules.

Question: Will the GDPR still apply when we leave the EU?

“The GDPR is an EU Regulation and it will no longer apply to the UK from the end of the transition period. However, if you operate inside the UK, you will need to comply with UK data protection law. The GDPR has been incorporated into UK data protection law from the end of the transition period – so in practice there will be little change to the core data protection principles, rights and obligations found in the UK GDPR.”

From ICO.org.uk

BTCSoftware gives you eSigning options

Our software integrates with two industry-leading eSigning portals to give you options when it comes to managing your clients’ paperwork.


DocuSign adheres to the regulations set forth by GDPR in the delivery of its Signature service, meaning you can be confident when sending documents from PM Solution that you are remaining GDPR compliant under the new UK data protection law post-Brexit.

DocuSign free trial.


MyDocSafe has the benefits of an easy to use e-signature and client portal platform that secures and automates document signing, distribution, filing and encryption to conform to GDPR post-Brexit.

MyDocSafe free trial.

PM Solution’s built-in document management system

PM Solution makes it simple to associate digital files with your clients. Its built-in document management system allows you to upload spreadsheets, word documents, scans of identification documents and more in one central location with a simple file structure to keep your practice organised.

Combine PM Solution with Solution Cloud for the ultimate remote practice management system.

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