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The payroll solution that provides all you need for Auto Enrolment.

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Why Payroll Administrators Are Integrating BrightPay and AccountsIQ

6th Nov 2020
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The payroll solution that provides all you need for Auto Enrolment.

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Why Payroll Administrators Are Integrating BrightPay and AccountsIQ 

The world of payroll administration is constantly evolving as new trends and technological advantages emerge. One of the latest, and most useful, of these evolutions, has been the use of API integrations between payroll and accounting software. At BrightPay, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve and in this area, we’ve achieved that goal. Our award-winning software (which is currently used to process payroll for over 250,000 businesses) is now integrated with top accounting software, AccountsIQ.   

AccountsIQ’s financial management and consolidation software is one of the UK’s favourite accounting software products. Used by top professionals across 85 countries worldwide, it simplifies how finance functions capture, process and report the results of multiple location businesses. 

And now, AccountsIQ and BrightPay are fully integrated, for the seamless, streamlined payroll and accounting process you’d always wished for.  

What Exactly Is API Integration? 

API integration is a process that allows different pieces of software to work together. Essentially, the API means that these two pieces of software can communicate with each other directly, so you don’t have to manually transfer data from one system to the other.  

This has some obvious (and some less obvious) advantages, all of which can have significant benefits for your business.

How Does It Work?  

Using BrightPay and AccountsIQ together is easy. BrightPay produces your payroll journal in a unique file format that allows users to easily send their payroll figures into their AccountsIQ general ledger at the click of a button.

The payroll journal can include records for payslips across multiple pay frequencies. And you also have the option to include individual records for each employee or you can merge the records for each unique date. Better still, you can specify any circumstances for which amounts should be mapped to an alternate nominal account code, for example, employees in different departments.    

Here’s How Integration Between BrightPay & AccountsIQ Can Benefit Your Business 

API integrations can have enormous benefits for businesses in every industry imaginable. Here’s how our integration with AccountsIQ can benefit your business and make your job as payroll and accounting professionals easier. 

1. It Will Save Time

The most obvious advantage of integrating BrightPay with AccountsIQ is the time that will inevitably be saved as a result. Without integration, payroll would need to be processed in the payroll software and then the payroll journal would need to be manually entered into the accounting system. Depending on the size of your business, this could take hours of time better spent on other important tasks.  

Now, you can easily (and very quickly) import your payroll journal directly from BrightPay into AccountsIQ with just a few clicks.  

2. It Can Reduce Errors 

When you’re using two pieces of software that aren’t integrated and having to manually input data from one to another, it’s inevitable that some errors will occur. This is, unfortunately, human nature and is difficult to avoid. Unless you integrate the two pieces of software, that is.  

When it comes to your payroll and accounting systems, you want to avoid errors as much as possible. They can have quite significant implications for your business and can cause unnecessary hassle. So, using integrated payroll and accounting software like BrightPay and AccountsIQ is just good sense.  

3. It’s Cost-Effective 

When you combine the time saved and the reduced errors (which can take a lot of time to correct), it’s not hard to see how our API integration promotes efficiency in your payroll and accounting processes. By maximizing your efficiency, you can provide higher value to your clients and enjoy better relationships (and potential referrals to new clients) on the whole.  

Find Out More About How To Integrate BrightPay & AccountsIQ  

If you use both BrightPay and AccountsIQ in your business, then it’s time to work smarter and integrate the two. This process couldn’t be easier and with this helpful guide, you can do it yourself in a matter of minutes. And, if you run into any issues or need a little extra guidance, we’ve got a video demo to help you out.  

Book a demo today to find out more about how BrightPay can improve the efficiency of your practice.


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