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Why payslip distribution is moving towards the cloud

21st Dec 2021
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The payroll solution that provides all you need for Auto Enrolment.

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The field of payroll is constantly changing as technological advancements streamline processes, legislative requirements change and industry best practices evolve. Because of this, payroll administrators must be ever watchful of new ways of doing things that can make processing payroll more efficient.  

Automation is one area that has had a significant impact on how payroll is processed. Through automation, payroll software providers can take a huge amount of the manual work involved in processing payroll off the payroll administrator, freeing them up to focus on other tasks that require their attention. 

Payslip distribution is one area where automation is used to save time and streamline payroll processes. BrightPay Connect, a cloud add-on to BrightPay Payroll Software, includes access to an online portal for accountants, their clients, and their clients’ employees. Through the portal, payslips are shared with clients and employees instantly, once the payroll has been finalised. The payslips can then be viewed by clients on their online portal and by the employees through an internet browser or on the BrightPay Connect employee app

What are the advantages of automated payslip distribution? 

1. It saves time 

Distributing your payslips via BrightPay and BrightPay Connect can be a real time saver. Downloading payslips, attaching them to emails and sending the emails to each of your clients’ employees takes time. And then you must deal with the emails from clients whose employees have forgotten their payslip passwords, which you will then need to reset for them. 

Using BrightPay Connect to share payslips each pay period, on the other hand, is done automatically. The payslips can be available instantly to employees or you can decide when they become available. Your client will also have access to all their employees’ payslips through their online employer portal. You’ll be finished so quickly you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the transition sooner.  

2. It’s more secure 

There is nothing in GDPR legislation that states that payslips cannot be posted or emailed to employees. However, if you choose either of these methods then there is a number of steps you must take to ensure the payslips are protected to stop a protentional data breech. 

 For maximum security, it is recommended that you offer a secure self-service portal to securely send and store payslips and other sensitive payroll documents. An automated payslip distribution system like BrightPay protects your employee’s data and your businesses compliance.  

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 3. It’s easier for employees  

Payslip automation doesn’t just benefit the payroll administrator or employer. There’s no denying that online payslips are infinitely easier for employees too. Having their payslips delivered directly to their smartphone or tablet is much more convenient. It also makes payslips much easier to store safely so that if they are applying for a mortgage or other loan, they can easily find the payslips that the bank requires they print. And happy employees will mean happy clients. 

4. It’s simpler for remote workers 

Finally, more and more businesses are allowing employees to work remotely today. Remote working comes with a long list of benefits for the employee and employer, but it can mean that if payslips are distributed manually in the office, remote workers might find it challenging to get in to pick theirs up. By having them distributed via BrightPay Connect, they can receive their payslips securely, wherever they may be.  

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