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Why you need to attend Xerocon London 2018 (and it's not just about visiting the Tradify stand)

2nd Nov 2018
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In case you’ve been sitting under a rock, Xerocon, one of the biggest events in the accounting and bookkeeping calendar is just around the corner. If you haven't bought tickets yet, you really should buy some and here’s why.

Time to get on top of MTD

MTD comes into force in less than six months (give or take a few months depending on the circumstances). I know for a fact that lots of accountants are thinking “I’ll cross that bridge when it comes up as it's going to be delayed for a while yet” but guess what, if you leave it till then, the bridge will be on fire and you’ll be standing there without an extinguisher because you’re not MTD certified.

On top of that, all the progressive firms are going to spend the next six months using MTD as a lever to pinch your clients and migrate them on to compliant cloud accounting products. This could mean that by the time you’re ready to tackle MTD you won't have any clients to tackle it with.

Rather than kicking the can down the street for another few months,  get out in front of MTD, turn it into an opportunity and get off to the best possible start by attending the Get Ready for MTD session during Xero Uni day. It's also a great way to learn more about Xero.

Check out the Uni Day MTD workshop agenda and register here.

An incredible lineup of speakers

Having been to a whole bunch of Xerocon’s and other related trade shows I can spot a good speaker line up from 1000 yards and this lineup is definitely one of the best I have seen in quite some time.

The cost of the Xerocon admission fee (350 + VAT) would be offset by hearing from just one of the five incredible keynote speakers included in this world class line up.

I think what's really apparent looking at the speaker line up is there will be something in there for everyone no matter where their life path has taken them.

In case you need convincing, the speaker line up includes the likes of Ben McBean, Sir Chris Hoy MDE, Lucy Adams, Gerd Leonhard, and Louise Minchin. If I wasn't chained to the Tradify stand then I’d be listening to all these speakers.

Check out the speaker line up here.

Networking opportunities and improving your mental health

With our lives today as busy as they are when was the last time you took time away from the office to sit down or interact with others going through a similar journey. It would be hard to underestimate the benefits of taking a couple of days out of the office to listen, learn, and discover with a bunch of like minded individuals.   

Add ons and your role as a trusted adviser

Any accountant or bookkeeper genuinely interested in being their clients trusted adviser would not miss an opportunity to connect with over 50 Xero add on partners exhibiting at Xerocon. Add ons might not be all that relevant to your firm right now but these tools, such as Tradify (job management software for tradespeople), are designed to help your clients simplify back office tasks, increase efficiencies and improve margins and profitability.

If you’re new to add ons there is no better opportunity to get ahead of the game and it's long past due if you’re not already recommending these types of products to your clients.

Long weekend in London

For those not from London why not take the opportunity to spend a long weekend in London? If you’ve already got the grandparents or the other half taking care of the kids, why not spend another night or two catching up on sleep, eating meals in peace and checking out all the wonderful sights and sounds only London has to offer.

Check out the lighting of the Regent Street Christmas on the 15th, get in a bit of late night shopping and then spend the next couple of days checking out the London Jazz Festival or anything else that might take your fancy.

Check out this list of great things to do in London once Xerocon is over and done with.