Why your practice should start a blog

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Blogging can take a lot of work, so why should you consider doing it? Blogging can help your business in many areas, such as gaining exposure, showing your expertise and attracting new customers.

Have you ever considered advertising but discarded the idea because it is too expensive? Or perhaps you have wished you could have more time to help and advise more people? A blog can increase exposure and generate free publicity. These are some of the reasons why you should consider starting a blog for your practice:

You get to show off your expertise

Blogging is a fantastic way to position yourself as an expert. Thanks to your blog, you can show your clients and prospects that you understand their common worries or problems and that you know how to fix the issues they might have.

Prospective clients look for the best professionals and want to make sure you are an expert before signing up. Likewise, referrals will check your website before making a decision, so having a blog that positions you as a competent professional is a great way of increasing your chances of attracting new clients.

Free advertising

Blogging can be an important source of free publicity and a great medium to share the latest news about your practice. For instance, have you introduced a service that you think your clients would love? Have you taken on an amazing new staff member? Are you using new state-of-the-art software that will blow your competition out of the water?

You can use your blog is a brilliant, to let your audience know about these exciting new changes.

Improved client relations

Blogs allow you to find your unique “tone of voice” so you can use this to your advantage so that your clients see you as a friendly advisor.

Your blog can also keep your current clients happy if you use it to highlight any issues that they might have with your service. But it can also be beneficial to you. For instance, if they are not delivering crucial information in time to allow you to meet deadlines, you could write a post about the benefits of submitting documents within the agreed timeframe.

Keep clients informed about your services

A blog can also keep clients informed about the full range of services you offer. Sometimes your clients may not be aware of the fact that you offer other services beyond the usual tax return or annual financial statement. This means they might look for another firm to help them. You can avoid this situation by writing posts about all the other services you provide.