Working from home stays despite lockdown easing

23rd Feb 2021
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The Prime Minister has revealed the ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown but the instruction to work from home remains in place, possibly until late June.

Schools will reopen from 8 March, but the Government is asking employers to continue to enable remote working if they are able to.

A review of social distancing and working from home will conclude before step 4 – which is due to take effect, at the earliest, on 21 June.

The Prime Minister said today (22 February): “People should continue to work from home where they can, and minimise all travel, wherever possible.”

The dates for easing of restrictions could be pushed back further, depending on a range of conditions, such as COVID infection rates, hospital admissions, vaccinations, and other key metrics meeting targets.

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Jamesons is a chartered accountants and business advisers based in Oxfordshire.  Director, Matthew Blow, described recently how IRIS' remote working solutions have helped to carry on working successfully through the pandemic.

He says: “IRIS Hosting has made life easier working from home as we haven’t had to worry about being able to access all of the data required to be able to provide our service. Prior to IRIS Hosting, when the server was maintained in our office, remote working was much more difficult and having moved to hosting it has taken away this issue. We can now login and work from any location.”


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