Working Remotely with PaperLess for Sage during Pandemic stage - Read our clients' testimonials

4th Jun 2020
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PaperLess Automation Pack for Sage is powered by Sage Authorised Document Management Software. The best way to automatically process, approve and archive invoices with Sage.Given the current scenario caused by Covid-19 pandemic, companies had to find ways for co-workers to work remotely in an efficient and productive manner with PaperLess for Sage Remote Access playing a major role. With PaperLess Software, Finance Departments using Sage were able to ensure the continuity of their work by easily processing invoices and any other accounting documents online, share them with colleagues, run PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition, send and approve documents and even post transactions on to Sage. 

Better than to explain how PaperLess has helped thousands of Sage users to work remotely with their accounts during the lockdown caused by Covid-19 is to leave you with the feedback received so far. 

“It has been a big help not having to rely on remote access to my PC back our headquarters and has speeded up the processes I needed to be able to carry out…”

“The experience working remotely has been very positive… and I have been able to perform my job like if I was in the office. PaperLess is a great software for invoice processing and I recommend it to other companies.”

“We are using PaperLess to work remotely and it has been very successful, so glad we had this in place and training completed before lockdown.”

“… processing supplier invoices would have been impossible, it would have been very difficult to work remotely if we did not use PaperLess.”

“Most of our accounts team have been working remotely at this time and with a little re-configuration Paperless is running (mostly) smoothly for them. Also our annual statutory audit is in process and our auditors are able to carry out a lot of their purchase invoice verification work remotely using a Paperless login.”

“We have several users currently at home and all access their desktop remotely, and use PaperLess that way. It’s working brilliantly and helps to keep all files in order while we haven’t seen some staff for 8 or 9 weeks!”

"We are definitely using Paperless remote access since we all had to change the way we work.  Our office staff are all now working from home permanently and being able to process and approve invoices irrespective of where we are working has been brilliant.  We have become far more streamlined and efficient since using paperless and the remote access feature is a key part of this. "

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PaperLess Document Management Software offers full remote access to Sage 50 and Sage 200. The best way for Sage users to work remotely with Sage while speeding up invoice management, invoice processing and invoice approval processes across the company.

  • Process, Share and Post Invoices to Sage, all you need is an Internet connection
  • Access all your accounting data and invoices via PaperLess Accounting Archive with PaperLess Remote Access
  • Send and Approve Invoices Online and get the audit trail of the approval process directly linked to the corresponding transactions
  • Store, Manage, Retrieve and Share with colleagues all company documents with PaperLess Online Access to Other Documents Module​​​

PaperLess Document Management is the best invoice processing automation software for Sage 50 and Sage 200. Thousands of Sage users have already gone PaperLess so book your demo now to find out why.