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XERO security – how to prevent staff seeing bank accounts

12th Jun 2019
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XERO users are concerned about staff having access to bank accounts, when in fact they just need to raise invoices, deal with queries, or change address data.

On the XERO forum one user complained that a staff member accessed salary details from the bank account causing a massive HR problem.

Logical Office solves this problem because it limits users to specific functions, avoiding access to confidential information.

Logical Office is a user-friendly “front-end” with security features so users can only perform permitted tasks. Users not allowed to see financial information would not see XERO balances or transactions.

Authorised users can raise invoices from Ms-Word templates making it easy to send perfectly formatted invoices more in keeping with accounting layouts than commercial invoices.

With Ms-Word an invoice is easily edited before sending. The ledger entry is made automatically in XERO but the original is retained in Logical Office as part of the account history, making it easy to deal with queries without switching to XERO.

Sales quotations are converted to invoices with a few mouse clicks.

Names, addresses and telephone numbers can be changed in Logical Office and XERO is updated in real-time.

Logical Office’s database can be created from XERO automatically and vice versa.

This two-way integration means invoices entered in XERO are seen in Logical Office immediately.

Logical Office provides much more including a Paperless Office with automated email filing and client reminders, as well as Time Recording, Companies House and E-Signing/Portal integration.

For more information email [email protected] or call +44(0)207 482 7077