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Xerocon London: “The Glastonbury for accountants”

6th Aug 2019
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As we approach Xerocon London 2019, we spoke to Sharon Pocock, Managing Director and Chief Innovator of Kinder Pocock. 

In 2012, she discovered Xero and hasn’t looked back since. She says that while she has only recently increased staff numbers, she’s “achieved 366% growth since 2012.”

She attributes some of this success to her ongoing commitment to digitising Kinder Pocock and making the most of what Xero has to offer. 

Xerocon London is an unmissable event for Sharon – here’s why… 

1. “The Glastonbury for accountants”

Sharon says that Xerocon London is like a “big get together with your family” and sees the event as an opportunity to learn about accounting and technology trends that she can apply to her own practice. 

“It’s all about immersing yourself in the Xero world and being inspired by Xero’s ethos and culture. It’s the Glastonbury for accountants – there isn’t a dull moment throughout the whole conference.”

Over the years, Xerocon London has attracted some of the best inspirational speakers. Ranulph Fiennes’ talk was one of Sharon’s most memorable moments. 

“I was inspired by the way he chose his expedition teams (you can teach skills, you can’t teach attitude) and amazed by what he has achieved,” says Sharon. “He even took time to speak to us afterwards.”

2. See into the future

Xerocon London has been vital for Sharon and her team when it comes to keeping up with the latest accounting and technology trends, and ultimately “seeing into the future.”

“It’s a great place to become inspired to start your online journey, or take the next steps. It’s the place to talk to app partners to find out what’s on their roadmap, and sometimes even influence it.”

3. A team building exercise

Sharon wants her team to reap the rewards from Xerocon London so she takes her whole team with her. 

“There’s no way I could come back to the office from Xerocon and communicate everything I’ve learnt. It’s so inspiring for all team members, and they will only really understand the way we do things if they fully immerse themselves in the whole experience.”

Sharon thinks the conference is also great for team building and a great reward for the team’s hard work. 

By all of them being there, one team member might pick up an idea that the others haven’t so “the entire team usually splits up as there’s so much to get through.”

4. Making connections

By attending every year Sharon has made “some amazing connections in the accounting industry and app community,” and she encourages others to mingle as much as possible. 

To get the most out of Xerocon London, Sharon recommends you go with a list of skills and knowledge you want to take away. You can then ensure you’re attending the right sessions to help you achieve your goals. 

When asked to describe Xerocon London in three words, Sharon replied, “mind-blowing, disruptive and a family get-together.”

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