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Xtend - CaseWare’s new collaboration platform

16th Sep 2019
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Xtend is CaseWare’s new “prepared by client” cloud product. It makes collaboration easier between you and your clients, allowing you to streamline your data collection. 


Email can sometimes be a convenient way of communicating with clients, but it isn’t the most secure or productive one. Practitioners get dozens of emails every day and staying on top of your inbox, keeping them organised and finding them when needed takes a lot of time every day.

In fact, email is linked to the dreaded “always-on” culture that is affecting the profession, with practitioners having to make a conscious effort to check their inbox just a couple of times per day and avoiding looking at it outside of work.  

Introducing the Xtend platform

Communication platforms in the cloud now offer a more convenient way of sending and storing information in one place, so that you don’t need to worry about looking for attachments within endless email chains.

CaseWare’s Xtend makes it easy to send multiple requests quickly and easily,  with pre-defined or custom built information requests, streamlining your data collection and end-to-end processes and saving your firm time and money. 

When you send a request, clients receive an alert to log in to the portal and they can respond with a one-click answer or attach files with a drag and drop function. Once approved, Xtend intelligently inserts the document into the appropriate engagement file.

Xtend also provides templates for money laundering checks, audit planning and letters of engagement and more and keeps track of all queries with time stamps and user identification, leaving an audit trail.

Find out how it works with this short video:

Security and GDPR compliance

Accountants and auditors manage a big amount of sensitive client data that needs to be protected. Ever since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced, collecting forms and client data securely and in a compliant way has been a cause of concern amongst practitioners. 

A survey commissioned by the IT security company Mimecast shows that 71% of the organisations surveyed were hit by an attack where malicious activity had spread from one infected user to other employees in the last 12 months, with infected email attachments being the biggest culprit (47%) , followed by infected URLs via email (40%). 

The State of Email Security Report 2019 also shows that one-third of organisations feel their email security systems fell short in monitoring and protecting against email-borne attacks or data leaks and automated detection and removal of malicious emails received. 

Preventing data leaks is essential to keep your client data safe - alongside your practice’s reputation. 

Secure platforms, such as Xtend, make compliance easy, allowing you to exchange and store all those very important client documents in a secure online environment. 

Storing all the data online means you don’t have to worry about any potential problems with hardware. If you were to lose any of your offices computers for any reason (theft, fire, flooding or hardware problems for instance) you can rest assured that all the data will still be stored safely on the cloud. 

Using a cloud platform also has the added benefit of being able to access information at all times and from any location, allowing you to work from home, on the go and even when you are at client meetings. 

Find out more about Xtend and streamline your client collaboration.