Yes, you could switch away from IRIS…

21st Aug 2020
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There are many accountancy software providers out there.

So, yes, you could switch from IRIS, or if you’re with another technology partner at the moment, you could stay where you are.

But why would you?

When you hear about the “magic of IRIS” and what the following accountants say, it may give you food for thought.

Why is IRIS software ‘magic’?

Imtiaz Khan, Partner at Three Leaves Accountants in Greenford says: “The main magic in IRIS, is how the information travels from one place to another. As a practice management tool, it’s fantastic. For a small to medium-sized practice, you can’t find this sort of functionality in other software. I use a lot of other software, but I think IRIS is the best.”

Watch Imtiaz talk about IRIS here.

Why is IRIS so good for compliance?

Kevin Whitehouse, Owner of Prime Entry, says: “The fact IRIS’ compliance side is always right is really important. I don’t have to worry about it, and it takes the pressure off because it just does the job.”

Why is IRIS such a great investment for start-ups?

Hannah Walton, Partner at Peppermint Cloud, says: “We couldn’t run this business without IRIS products, IRIS Hosting in particular. The decision to go with IRIS was the best one we’ve made in the business and it’s helped us to grow to where we are now. It really is the best investment we ever made.”

WATCH Hannah talking here more about starting her business, how she grew from zero to 150 clients in two years, and how the practice is thriving without an office, with the help of IRIS. 

How does it allow you to be more productive with clients?

Joanne Bell, Managing Director of Bells Accountants, says: “It is such a great 'one size fits all' piece of accountancy software. I knew having the right tools in place would minimise my activity and allow me to increase the amount of time I spend being productive with my clients and IRIS has without a doubt, played an integral role in this. It’s radically improved my day to day productivity, with the benefits reaped by my team.”

Why couldn’t you run your practice without it?

Chris Kember, Owner of Synden Thackeray Partnership, says: “IRIS is a key part of our practice, it’s as important as any staff member. Without IRIS we can’t function and without it the practice would be a different place. Going back to the old days before IRIS, which I can just about remember, it was hard work.”

Watch Chris and other customers speak more on this subject here.

How does it allow you to work anywhere and anytime?

Sylvia Palmer, Practice Manager at Jones & Co Accountants, says: “I’m the world’s biggest fan of IRIS Hosting. For me it’s perfect. We can work wherever we want and whenever we want, and it always works. I don’t have to think about IT management in the office anymore, which is great. It frees up office time and the physical cost of the equipment we use has gone down.”

These are just a few reasons why the only switch accountants should be thinking about is to move to IRIS, not away.

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