Your consolidation is only as complex as you make it

4th Mar 2021
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Why is financial consolidation so hard? and how can you make it easy?


Smart technology for group finance in 2021

Join us for a webinar on smart technology in group finance March 18

and learn how you can help yourself make your consolidation easy and start using your time smarter, to focus on how you can support strategic decision making.

If you use Excel for your consolidation and manually try to handle;

  • Complex ownership structures
  • Multiple subgroups
  • Foreign currencies

you are making your consolidation much more complex that it needs to be and spending unnecessarily long time maintaining your Excel sheets;

  • checking for formula errors
  • checking broken links
  • trying to ensure the reliability of your data

In 2021 there are far more efficient ways of managing the financial consolidation and ensuring a consistent method that delivers fast and reliable financial figures (that doesn’t involve you doing the heavy data lifting). 

If you are doing the heavy data lifting in Excel it undoubtedly leaves you with less time for the actual analysis of your data and looking into the story, they are telling you. 

Today's smart finance technology can handle your consolidation for you automatically (even if you are a small or medium sized business).


Join us for a webinar on the smart finance technology and learn how you can help yourself make your consolidation easy and start using your time smarter.

We open up the toolbox for smart finance departments and discuss:

✅ The various options for consolidation tools in 2021
✅ What cloud computing is and what it means for your financial consolidation process
✅ The type of consolidation software that matches the different types of companies
✅ The typical mistakes CFOs make when implementing new consolidation software and how you avoid them

Join us for the webinar - smart technology for finance, March 18 at 10 GMT