Zoho Books app: Invoicing, receipt scanning and much more

17th Oct 2019
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We are never too far away from our phones. So why would your clients have to wait until they are back in their office to submit receipts and other documents instead of doing it on the go?

Same goes for tracking expenses, invoicing or banking. If your clients often travel for work or at any time when they are not in the office, they should be able to submit and check information quickly from their phones -- and the Zoho Books app allows them to do just that. 

Users that have an account with Zoho Books can download the app for free, sign in to their Zoho Books account and carry on with their accounting, still having access to all the capabilities available over the web app. 

The following are just some of the things you and your clients can do with the Zoho Books app.


Your clients can create and send invoices from their phones. They only need to choose their preferred template from the gallery to send professional looking invoices that match their business identity. 

If they want to accept online payments, they can also do this with a payment gateway to ensure they get paid on time every month.


Feeds are available for a large number of banks. To start seeing the feeds in the Zoho Books app, users only need to add their bank account information. Other features include recording money in and out and the possibility to make manual entries for offline transactions, which can then be categorised and matched.

Tracking expenses and scanning receipts

Did you know it is also possible to record expenses and bills and categorise them from Android devices with Zoho Books? This allows your clients to keep track of what they owe and pay their bills easily.

They can also scan receipts and more from any location and whenever they want to do it, which can also bring many advantages to your firm. With an app so simple to use, you’ll find they send you information regularly, which means you won’t be getting a bag full of receipts at the end of the tax year. And you won’t have to chase your clients for information that often.

When they are working from outside the office, the app allows them to upload their receipts by just taking a picture with their phones. The receipts can then be attached to the expenses that have been recorded.

Zoho Books

 Accounting Android App | Record Expense - Zoho Books

Creating documents

When you or your clients download the app on an Android phone, you can add a Zoho Books widget to your home screen. This is a shortcut that allows you to create documents such as invoices, expenses and log time in just a few seconds.

Users can track time spent on a project and bill their own clients from within the app. The Zoho Books mobile app also supports transactions in multiple currencies and it is possible to create recurring transactions.

Smart Watches can also be paired with android devices to receive notification whenever clients view invoices, accept or decline estimates, and make payments.


We have talked before about the importance of providing your clients with valuable insights. With the Zoho Books app it is possible to get instant reports that show how a business is doing with a single tap. Just choose the template you prefer and edit it if necessary using the web app.

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Accounting Android App | Business Reports - Zoho Books

The Zoho Books app is available for iOS, Android and Windows.