Business Intelligence for Sage makes life easier for accountants and their clients

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As a trusted adviser to small businesses I’m sure that you often ‘go the extra mile’ for your client, as you strive to offer them a value added service. Clients look to you to not only keep their accounts in order, but also to provide them with a better understanding of their financial data, and improve the management of their business.

Helping your clients understand their data

Small businesses, whilst being the backbone of the economy, still face particularly challenging economic times - having a good grip on financial performance and getting great advice and guidance is critical to their survival and success.

As an accountant, you are in a unique position – you have a great understanding of your clients business, with access to everything you need to help them, but do you have the time to meet these extra needs? Extracting, analysing and presenting data in a meaningful, easy to digest way can all take time, which let’s face it, is not exactly in abundance.

Affordable Business Intelligence makes life easy

This is where a Business Intelligence tool that works with your Sage accounting package can be a real asset to both you and your client. Business Intelligence has been a hot topic over the last few years, but until now there hasn’t really been an affordable option for the small business.

Smeebi is a Cloud based Business Intelligence solution which allows you to ditch time-consuming spread-sheets and simply upload all your Sage accounting files in just a few simple steps, creating an instant financial dashboard. It is a flexible low cost subscription solution.  Please visit to learn more about how Smeebi works with Sage.

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