CaseWare Holds the Key to Efficient Corporation Tax Production

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Practices looking to improve their business processes and bottom-line should look to the right software provider to play a key role in their delivery.  Top 100 firm and winners of the Taxation Awards 2012, 'Best Single Office Tax Practice in the UK'. Creaseys, has done exactly that; partnering leading software provider CaseWare, in the development of a truly integrated, streamline corporation tax solution. 

CaseWare's core development focus of end-user benefit and efficiency led it to consult the top accountancy firm when it decided to expand its financial reporting solutions and a new corporation tax application.  Creaseys' experience meant they were able to provide the valuable input required to help create the best possible product.  Built upon CaseWare's tried and proven working papers technology, CaseWare Corporation Tax is set to enable accountancy firms to produce returns more effectively in less time. 

"We have never seen any other software providers going to these extremes to ensure that the product they provide is so right for their clients.  Yes, we have had yearly visits with providers to talk about their product but this is truly something else.' commented Jonathan Flett, Corporation Tax Manager.

Data transition and integration were core elements to this development to enable tax managers to not only transfer data quickly and accurately but to also be able to drill-down to underlying figures to aid cross-checking and analysis, eliminating time-intensive, paper-based procedures.  It is this complete integration of this product into CaseWare's Accounts Production software which takes it one step ahead of the majority of solutions on the market; increasing efficiency and improving recovery rates.

"We feel we have found the proper system and we believe we have covered everything.' added Mr Flett. 

It is this unique level of integration plus the additional benefits of its logical workflow wizard, comprehensive data verification and error-trapping and automated iXBRL tagging that all contribute to further improving the tax manager's ability to increase efficiency and improve their recovery rates when completing returns.

CaseWare continues to go from strength to strength and has recently received a sensational 100% approval rating from its customers in an independent, nationwide survey.  According to the latest 'IT in Accountancy Practices Report 2011' from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales; every existing CaseWare user questioned as a part of the survey, claimed they would recommend the company's Accounts Production software.

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