Digit Books: The Technology to Provide an Award-Winning Service

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When Digit Books were announced as Bookkeeping Partner of the Year at Xerocon South 2016, it was confirmation that their focus on company culture and client service had paid off. Key to that is their innovative use of technology to save time and focus on their client relationships.

Ease of use for the client was a priority from the start when offering bookkeeping services, according to Leah Moore, Head of Customer Experience at Digit Books. “We would set them up with their own designated email address [to send items to] and they would process it manually,” says Leah. “While our clients absolutely loved it, it did take a lot of people power and a lot of time.”

“We were spending so much time doing data entry and making sure it was an easy experience that we weren’t able to focus on the reporting, advising and helping them understand their numbers.”

In those days there were about 80 bookkeeping clients, managed by a team of seven people. This meant the data entry time added up. “I’d estimate than in those days, about 60% of the time spent on each client was just on data entry,” Leah explains.

After trying various solutions, they settled on Receipt Bank in 2015 because of the simple interface and the data visibility provided by the bookkeeping dashboard: Practice Platform. The data extraction and automation tools allowed them to save time, while Practice Platform provided a more efficient way for the bookkeepers to manage their time.

“I loved the visibility across all of the clients. It was also a way to manage the team better, with visibility over lock dates and what was coming through. It made sure had everything we needed for compliance side of things, seeing clients were sending everything through.”

“We just threw everyone it because I was just like ‘This is brilliant!’”, says Leah.  This started with the Receipt Bank training, followed by a personal session with their Account Manager on the advanced features. “It gave everyone a really good idea of how to use it and how to make it work for them, instead of it being just another tool I asked them to use.”

The effects of the new processes were impressive. “I can say comfortably that we have cut our bookkeeping time in half. And I know there is room to build even more efficiency there,” Leah reveals. 

So what do they do with this extra time? “Everything that we’ve saved we put back in the client themselves, making sure they feel valued and they have the information they need.”

The proposition definitely resonates with their clients, as they have now doubled their number of bookkeeping with just a couple of extra team members. 

 “It’s exciting because we know exactly the value that we can provide and we’re able to communicate that in a way that people understand. Receipt Bank has allowed us to work out exactly what we can offer and exactly what we can do.” 

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